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YouTube TV Steps Into These Five Cities With Free Chromecast offer

YouTube TV, Google’s live TV streaming service, now resides in five vital major markets in the United States, with Google alluring to try out its $35 subscription service by providing a Chromecast (free). 

This has been announced in the month of February, YouTube is available to use in below-given cities-

New York City

Los Angeles



San Francisco Bay Area

Users must be physically situated in one of those areas to sign up and earn access, as support pages advise it us due to licensing restriction from content holders, counting blackouts for sporting events.

For people residing outside these five areas, the service is gathering email addresses for attentive parties, for Google to transfer a message at a later time when YouTube TV becomes available in other markets.   Dwellers within these markets who are outside of their house area cam give their email address for a reminder when they come back home.

As part of the launch of service, Google is providing a free Chromecast to YouTube TV members, if they pay the subscription of the first month after 30-day free trial. Members have to release the offer within 30 days of the payment in order to grab the Chromecast, with Google also wrapping the shipping costs , and it is being provided while supplies last.

So far, YouTube TV will only be beneficial on mobile phones, with applications for iOS and Android rolling out today, as well the Chromecast and TBs with Chromecast functionality built-in, counting Android TV. More than six accounts can be made under a subscription, permitting it to be used by a complete family, with up to three streams viewable at a time. Meanwhile, if you’re new to Chromecast tv and want to grab the accurate steps of setup then you can visit www chromecast com setup or simply contact professionals.

It was firstly unveiled the base $35 bundle counted channels from ABC, NBC, CBC, and Fox, as well as allied channels counting Bravo, Syfy, and ESPN. The selection has since extended to count channels from AMC, counting BBC America and IFC, with the YouTube TV website also advising Showtime is available but you need pay additional for this.

Remarkably, people singing up using the iOS app on an iPhone or iPad could end up paying more than revealed monthly fee and i.e. $35. The support page advises that it is conceivable to sign up through iTunes, but it will cost $39.99 including monthly tax, a growth to take into account Apple’s cut of App Store dealings.

YouTube TB released in an already crowded market, with the same providing from Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirectTV Now with services from Verizon and Hulu also hoped to release in the coming months. Google may have a benefit over its rivals, due to its widespread video streaming experience and current structure, and is unlikely to encounter same teething problems to what DirecTV Now lasted.

Rest if you’re a Chromecast user then you can ask for any chromecast support in case you face any technical error. Instead of roaming here and there you can grab the accurate and facile assistance from professionals, even if you’re new to this device and don’t know the procedure of google chromecast setup then you can also step ahead to experts.