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You need to know what is Smart TV?

As we know that television sets are also known as idiot box. Nowadays we’re familiar with the term Smart TV, well technology has been changed, now latest technology converting your idiot box to Smart TV. Simply we connect it to internet and then ask it to record your favorite contents. Apart from this there are also various function in it, like put it on auto sleep mode and adjustable brightness. So if you’re going to purchase a Smart television then here we are going to tell you the meaning of Smart TV.

Definition of Smart TV

Smart TV, basically users connect their televisions to the internet and make you do a lot more than just browsing the television set. Surfing the web, play games and access some pre-installed apps is the basic part of Smart TV. Users can stream digital content from the providers such as Netflix, ErosNow etc.

Smart TV- what it can do for you?

The potential of a Smart TV is depend upon your purchased brand model. But if we talk about the few and basic features that every Smart TV offers-Web surfing, you can access to streaming media service, entertainment apps, on-demand video-rental services, Internet music stations and Web browsers, and pre-installed games.

Smart TV permit all these features but how?

Just like your devices like, PC, laptop and smartphones hold the operating system, just like that Smart TV also run on an OS and usually have a powerful underneath. All the devices and operating systems are designed with creative brain work, that’s how machine will grasp your commands. TVs retailing in India runs on these operating systems- Android, WebOS or Samsung’s Tizen.

Fine picture and sound quality in Smart TV

If you think there’s a straight or direct link between television’s smartness and picture and quality of sound, then you’re thinking wrong guys. All depends on the Image processing engine and audio speakers that hid beneath the beautiful exterior of your Smart TV . No doubt if your television is powered by Bravia then you will get best picture quality and same goes for Bose speakers, a well-recognized name in the market.

Can you bid adieu to cable or dish if you have a smart TV?

If your Smart TV comes with a built-in set box, then you can. Samsung has Smart Direct TV and Videocon has few such options as well. But if there’s no built-in set up box in your Smart TV then you would need cable and dish.