Setup Help Related To Roku Streaming Stick Along With Roku Com Link Activation


The latest product launched by Roku is ‘Roku Streaming Stick’. It is a streaming device which can be connected to the TV through an HDMI port. It gets input data from Wi-Fi connection and the output is delivered via video cable or HDMI cable. You can connect the Roku streaming device to your TV with the help of Roku setup.


Roku Streaming Stick is the cheapest streaming device available in the market. It has faster speed than earlier version which streams data from online services like NETFLIX, HBO, SLING TV, AMAZON and HULU. While its remote has no voice recognition and audio jack, but if you are looking for the cheapest streaming device, then it is the best option. As it is available for $50 only, it offers upgraded apps and fast speed at reasonable price.

Design and power:

Roku Streaming Stick is small in size and has a beautiful design. It is a powerful device having a quad core processor, which gives more processing power than Chromecast or Fire Stick. It gives you fast streaming of your favorite program without any buffering and cast channels quickly. Roku Streaming Stick is eight times faster than its previous one. It is a very portable device and slips into pocket easily so that you can move it easily from on TV to another. Whether you are in the hotel room or in a friend’s home, you will not miss your favorite contents. Now you can stream away from home by logging in from your smartphone or Roku remote. You just need a strong WI- FI connection. For any assistance you can take help from Roku help.

Simple and upgraded apps:

It is very easy and simple to access to Google Play, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Videos. You can watch more than 3000 channels which offer more than 200000 movies and programs. It will easily connect to both 2 GHz and 5 GHz networks without any problem. It has latest and upgraded apps than Roku 2 or Roku 3 devices. All the apps are well organized and are on equal footing. You can easily move any app to the home screen and also deletes the unwanted apps. For more information you can go to the www Roku com link


Easy to search:

You can save your time with easy and simple search from top channels. You can easily search for TV shows, movies, actors and various programs with the help of remote or by voice with Roku‘s mobile app. Roku’s search is better than others. It delivers results from more than 30 different services.

Private listening:

Roku’s popular feature is private listening where you can plug your earphones into the remote to enjoy your program but this stick has no audio jack. You can do it with an app. In this app there is a headphone icon, when you tap on this icon the TV audio mutes automatically and sound comes through earphones. This feature isn’t available on another device, although in earlier Roku’s devices you can connect the remote with your stick with the help of an audio jack.

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Mobile app:

Free Roku’s mobile app is available for iOS and android phones.  You can use your phone as a remote and send photos and videos to your TV. You can easily browse channels and search with text. You can cast videos from YouTube or Netflix to your TV from the device. For mobile app, you need to go to the Roku com link.

Why Roku?

Roku Streaming Stick is inexpensive and good as compare to others. It is much better than streaming boxes. It lacks of voice search and audio jack, but the alternative is Roku’s app. If you want to buy Roku Streaming Stick you have to fill online form. For activation of your stick, you need to find Roku Link code activation, which can be obtained from the official Roku website.