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When Can Android TV Users Subscribed To Comcast Pay-tv Service Be Able To Use HBO Go App?


Comcast is an amazing pay-tv service provider, and those using the services of this company seem to be satisfied with the same. But, there is one thing that Comcast subscribers have been deprived of, i.e., HBO Go app. Let us figure out if there is any way to get this app or not.

With so many streaming services available in the world today, it gets really hard for people to pick one. Android TV is one of the popular streaming services that has lived up to the requirements of people. But, there is one thing that Android TV users are not being able to use, i.e., HBO Go app. Android TV already has included HBO Go app, but those using the services of Android TV via Comcast pay-tv subscriptions are not able to use it.

HBO Go is available on Android TV, and there is nothing old about the app. Everything in this HBO Go app is new and refreshing. People will get a seamless access to all the TV series that are running on the platform along with sports programmes, documentaries and comedy series.

It is possible for people to enjoy a broad range of content by making changes to their HBO GO account. But, the inability of Comcast users to access HBO GO app is making things annoying. Comcast users are worried that if they are not able to access HBO through a pay-tv provider, then they will have to pay some money in order to use HBO Go app.

Why is HBO GO app not available for Comcast users?

There is no significant reason found as to why this situation has risen, but it certainly has created a sense of unrest in the people because HBO Go app is a popular application and its absence from the network is hurting people, especially those who love watching TV shows and movies.

Comcast users who were using Roku devices to stream content from the internet to their TV sets had to wait for three years until they enjoy the services of HBO GO Roku app. But, people using Amazon Fire TV waited another six months before they could use HBO Go app. There are still a number of platforms such as PS3 and PS4, which await HBO GO app.

Is there an alternate way for Android TV users to access HBO Go app?

Yes, there are two ways of accessing HBO Go app. The first way involves making use of Google Cast support, which will create a medium to send videos from HBO Go app to TV. HBO GO app made for either Android or iOS can work easily for this purpose. Or, users can make use of HBO Go website to send videos to the TV. But, for this method, users will have to use a web browser, preferably, Google Chrome.

There is another method of enjoying HBO streaming service on Comcast. What users can do is, they can subscribe to HBO Now app, which is available at a small price of $15 per month. Subscribing to this service doesn’t require subscribing to any cable service, so just get the app, go to HBOGO com activate page to activate the app and enjoy the content.

The real story behind this story:

Comcast has come up with a couple of stories about why they are not being able to give access to HBO GO app to its subscribers. The company started off with the story of how the lack of tech integration has resulted in the absence of HBO Go app for Android TV users that are subscribed to Comcast pay-tv service. After that story, the company told its users that they are not being able to come to same terms with the authorities of HBO GO.

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