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What’s The Right Way Of Setting Up Harmony Remote With Roku Device?

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It is extremely easy to setup your Roku device with a harmony remote. You can fully access all the functions that Roku has in the offing through this Harmony remote. Using Harmony remote will give you a sense of comfort that you can’t get from any other device. In case you come across an issue, then you can log onto www Roku com support for help.

Harmony is well-known company for developing IR remotes. It has recently associated with media streaming company, Roku. Harmony remotes are universal remotes, through which you can control anything quite easily and quickly. There is only need to set the correct inputs, rest everything is done by the remote itself.

If you are already using a Harmony hub at home or office, then we want to mention that you can now use your voice service to enter some text in the field either through harmony application on a smartphone or from IR remote. This has made the process of entering the password faster. Moreover, you can search the movies over the internet within a fraction of seconds with the help of voice search.

If you own a Roku device and want to watch your favorite channel from the Roku channel list then, simply click on the Harmony touchscreen remote or control the playback functions through a mobile app. You should also ensure that you have activated your Roku device using Roku link code. This information can be obtained from the Roku’s official website. If you have any problem in connecting the Roku with the harmony, then you can log onto page.

By following the certain steps, you can easily configure your Harmony remote with Roku App. Once the setup gets completed, you can control all the Roku apps with the help of harmony remote. If your remote not working, then call at Roku support number.

Steps to Hook-up Roku and Harmony:

  1. Open the harmony mobile app on the smartphone before connecting it to harmony hub.
  2. Open menu and click on ‘harmony setup’. Click on ‘add a device’ from the bottom of the phone
  3. Select the device from the list or enter the name of your streaming media manufacturer like Roku, Chromecast along with the model
  4. Connect Roku to Wi-Fi and click on ‘yes’ option.
  5. Respond to all questions displayed on a screen and build ‘Roku activity’.
  6. You will be asked to choose the inputs and favorite channels from the channel list.
  7. After completing the steps, harmony will start controlling your Roku device. If the channel list is not refreshed, then perform Roku update over Wi-Fi network.

Harmony Hub control

If you want to control your Roku device with the Harmony hub-based product through harmony app, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the ‘control’ icon tray to see the list of frequently used Roku buttons on the screen.
  2. You have an option to use ‘gestures’ for controlling activity. The gestures are simple to use your smartphone. You can control various playback options like volume, play, forward and rewind with the help of gestures.
  3. If you select the favorite option, then you will be able to view favorite Roku channels with the harmony hub remote itself.
  4. You can even use voice and text option to operate your Roku player with mobile. If you come across the error, i.e., ‘Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled’, then you should check the HDMI cable because the problem lies in the HDMI cable.

This is all about set up. If you are experiencing any issue related to Roku player, then there’s nothing to worry, simply stay in touch with the Roku support team through customer helpline numbers available on the official website. The Roku support team members will help you out in a best possible way. Luckily, if you have setup your harmony remote with Roku properly, then there is no need to take such help.

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