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What’s In The New Update That Sling TV’s Roku App Received Lately?

Back in the day, Roku customers haven’t been the first ones to get Sling TV updates. Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because some services come late in some products, so one must not make an issue of such things. But, the latest updates that were rolled out by Sling TV are being received by Roku app in a quick manner. A few days ago, Sling TV announced a number of features for the Roku app, which will make the experience of Roku customers much better.

Among all the features, the one that got the attention of the customers is the feature that allows users to upgrade their programming package from within the app. Earlier, when a user wanted to watch a movie or TV show on the channel, which he/she hadn’t subscribed to, he/she would go to the official website of the Sling TV on the computer or smartphone followed by upgrading the subscription, and then, finally waiting for a few minutes so that the changes that were made could be reflected on the TV. After that, the user could simply go to ‘add channels & more’ option that is given in ‘My TV’ section. The content was selected is going to be displayed within a few clicks.

With the new update, it is also possible for the users to get their favorite movies and TV shows. There is an option named ‘favorite channels’, which will allow them to mark channels they really want to see. Those channels will be shown at the top of the grid guide or the far left of the channel guide. If a user is residing in an area where there is no support for Sling TV for NBC or Fox affiliates, then users can add ‘on-demand’ versions of the channels to ‘My Channels’ list, which can be viewed at the top of ‘My TV’ section.

These new updates have also resulted in a better navigation. There is a micro guide present at the bottom of the screen, which wasn’t there before, and this guide is going to allow the users to navigate through channels while watching the content. This guide list is going to take up lesser space now. There is a ‘plus sign’ available on the Roku remote, which if pushed up is going to display the Micro Guide. If the down button is pushed, then it will display the full guide. Navigation is a lot easier with this option, plus a user gets to see more information as to what is going to come to a particular channel.

When it comes to seeing on-demand content, then it will be quite similar to watching a series on Netflix Activate. Although the next episode is not going to be played automatically, you can see the episode being popped up on the screen. Click on that pop-up and you can begin watching the new episode. Earlier, when people used to accidentally press the ‘Exit’ button on the remote, the content they were watching on TV used to turn off. This has changed in the new update. Now, people will be asked if they really want to exit.

In case, you are using any other streaming device, then don’t worry. All these features will also be available on other streaming devices soon.

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