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What to do if your Roku doesn’t recognize the external USB drive

What’s up Roku users, as we know that this streaming device also holds some technical messes with them.  If being a user of Roku do you feel you’re a victim of Hdcp Unauthorized Roku or some error codes? If yes then you can contact the Roku professionals. Well, if we are talking about technical troubles, then may we know that how many of you’re struggling with the issue of USB? If you’re one of them then here we have some uncomplicated steps for you.


Some Roku players contain a USB port which you can link to an external USB drive for the motive of playing audio and video files those are locally stored using an application such as Roku Media Player or Plex.

There are various types of USB drives, from big external hard-drives to smaller thumb-drives.  It is essential to note that different drives hold the different power necessity – for example, external hard-drives often need external power.

If Roku player is not detecting your USB drive, then these step will help you out to figure out the major problem

USB Devices not supporting

If you have an unsupported USB drive, then there may be three causes behind.  To diagnose and fix the problem, here are some facile steps you can follow in the order we recommend.

1.    You may see this message on your Roku player: This USB device requires more power. Use power adapter if available. For more help, visit

This means that your external USB drive needs more power than your Roku player offers.  If the USB drive has indicator LEDs, they may also turn red or flash to indicate insufficient power.

To fix this issue, if your USB has a power cord then plug in your external USB drive, or use a powered USB hub.  See extra information below regarding using powered USB hubs.

2.    Your USB drive does not emerge in your USB channel while using an application like the Roku Media Player or Plex.   If the USB drive has indicator LEDs, they may indicate you by turning red or flash to give you a hint of insufficient power.

To solve this trouble, first, you should make sure your drive grips the sufficient power by plugging in an external power supply or powered USB hub.

3. If the power is sufficient and your USB hard drive is still not emerging, check the USB hard drive format to make sure your Roku player is supporting it.  For more information on using Roku Media Player, you can get in touch with Roku professionals. Not only of USB issue they will resolve your various issue as well such as Roku Error Code 011 or Roku Error 014 etc.

In addition, some powered hubs need a particular ‘order of operation’ to work accurately. These directions are not surely the same for all powered USB hubs, but what’s wrong in trying these steps:

1. Power hub first then link or connect the USB drive

2. After powering up the USB drive, you need to power the hub

3. Start the hub again while the USB drive is linked

If you see no changes in your trouble then you can get in touch with professionals and experts. They will offer you an accurate service with the precise guideline.