What Is The Process To Activate And Deactivate HBO GO Channel On 2nd And 3rd Generation Apple TV?

HBO GO Activate

Till now, it was difficult for cable cutters to enjoy HBO com activate on Apple TV. They were able to enjoy their favorite HBO serials and episodes on someone else device. They depend on others for the same and it was not a permanent solution. But now, the HBO go activate plan has partnered with the Apple TV as well. You can now enjoy the complete HBO GO streaming on your Apple TV without any problem.

If you are having an apple 2nd and 3rd generation TV, then it’s a good news for you. HBO is now available on these devices. Now, we are going to discuss the steps to activate and deactivate the Apple device. You must pay close attention to the post if you have not started enjoying the service yet. We have explained all the steps for you so that you don’t find any need to contact HBO go help and support center.

Activation process for Apple TV: The steps for activation are mentioned here as under:

  1. Open the HBO GO on the Apple If you don’t find the HBO icon on the home screen, launch it from the apps.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’.
  3. Tap on ‘Activate device’ to get the code for activation on your device. You need to be patient at this time because the activation process may take some time. Don’t forget to turn on the computer.
  4. Go to HBO GO activation link from the computer and send a request for an activation You will get the code on the computer screen. Enter the same code in the device. Before entering the code, you must check the list of supporting devices which are currently supported by the HBO Go.
  5. Now, select the TV provider from the list of providers. Enter the username and password of the TV provider. If you don’t know the credentials, you need to call your TV provider or email the query on their official mail ID.
  6. If the name of the TV provider is not given in the list, you need to talk to the experts sitting at HBO support They will let you know whether your device supports the HBO service or not. You can also click on the link which says, ‘Why HBO is not available on our TV provider list’.
  7. Enter the code in the space given and activate the device.
  8. A ‘Success’ message will be displayed on the screen.
  9. You can start streaming the HBO Go service now.

Note: The activation code which will be received on the computer is valid for a time period of 10 minutes only. If you fail to enter the number within the given time period, then you will be required to send the request for a new activation code. If you don’t receive any code on your device, then there is a need to call at HBO activate support number.

Deactivation process for Apple TV: The process to deactivate the HBO service is discussed here as follows

  1. Launch HBO Go on Apple TV.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Deactivate’.

Besides this, if you have gifted your apple device to someone else and wants to deactivate the HBO Go from it without physically touching it, then it is possible now. Just call at HBO support number and send a request for deactivation for service. The services will automatically get discontinued after 24 hours. You don’t need to worry about it.

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