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What Is Hulu Live TV Guide And Destination Feature?

Did you check CES 2018 highlights? If yes, then you must have checked what Hulu has revealed in the conference. If by chance you have missed that part, then don’t worry. You will get all the insights of that conference in this blog post, so read the post till the end.

Hulu app is going to have a Live TV Guide feature, which will allow you to browse those programs, which are currently being aired on Hulu. Did this feature remind you of anything? I’m sure it reminds you the cable TV guide, which has helped us determine as to what show would come on TV at a specific time. Hulu has also made a statement after the conference in which the officials said, ‘It is not just the Live TV guide that is going to be launched, but live TV destination will also be launched in Hulu app’.

Hulu with these two amazing feature is looking to expand its viewership, as the company believes that other streaming service providers did the same. Hulu has some data at its disposal that allows it to provide a specific form of entertainment to its customers. Hulu knows that 54% of its users are watching on-demand content, whereas 46% are watching Live TV. The people watching Live TV mostly prefer news and sports.

Hulu is trying to move its viewers from on-demand programming to Live TV, as the company thinks that Live TV experience is going to make more and more customers opting for Hulu. Hulu is moving forward with definitely some strategy.

Hulu has issued another statement during Upfronts Presentation that was held in April 2018 in New York in which the company’s official said, ‘The majority of the viewers that are using Hulu app have their TVs installed in their living rooms.’ He also provided some figures about the same, i.e., 78% of the viewers are watching Hulu on TVs that are installed in their living rooms, which is a very high percentage.

Hulu is somewhat certain of the fact that viewers usually prefer on-demand programming than Live TV, which is a matter of huge concern for Hulu. Moreover, Hulu doesn’t have a wide range of Live TV programmes compared to other streaming services such as Netflix.

Hulu’s VP has also given a statement in which he said, ‘We have seen one thing from our viewers in particular that they are not being able to see the programmes that are running on different channels simultaneously. Users are not able to flip between two channels at the same time.’

Hulu Plus Activate began to test their Live TV guide and destination on its website last year. During testing, they have noticed that the viewers are quite interested in that particular way of browsing live TV programming.

Viewers have the ability to enjoy these features across several living room devices such as Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd Generation), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Apple TV (4th Generation or higher).

There are many noticeable things available in the updated version of Hulu interface, but there is one thing in particular that users will look forward to seeing, i.e., the lightning bolt icon that is available to the right of the Home icon on Hulu app. With the lightning bolt icon, you will be able to live playback on a channel that you have just ended up watching.

Hulu app users will also be getting an option to pull up the new guide while they are watching their favorite content on Live TV in order to see as to what they are going to see next. Moreover, they can change channels in between if they want.

Hulu has also provided a feature to its users to personalize this guide. Users can sort it by ‘all channels’ or ‘recent channels’ with the latter one displaying the last ten channels that users have watched. It will also be possible for users to set programming to record to Hulu Cloud DVR or start the shows from the beginning if they want to record those shows. Hulu is going to make this new guide available on room devices on other platforms as well, but as of now, it is only available on room devices.

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