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What Are The Ways To Remove HDCP Errors From High Definition TV?

In this passage, we will discuss about the HDMI HDCP contents streaming and the reason for its crackdown. HDCP based devices are easy to setup. There is need of HDCP license from authorized body that grants access to high definition contents streamed through various apps. All the HDCP supported devices like Roku, Blu-ray player and Xbox require an individual license to communicate with the HDMI enabled device. If you are using Roku player, then you can check the HDMI compatibility from Roku com link.

When you have connected the streaming device with the TV, then you will notice hi message on screen. Along with it, you will find question on screen asking you about the HDCP compatibility. If you click on yes, then you need to enter the license number of device through remote. You will able to watch high quality contents with HDMI cable connected at both the sides, after successfully completing this process.

However, occasionally some users face problem even after configuring the device properly on the Roku com link to set up Roku account. They face problem in streaming the videos from every video app. This is due to the reason that their HDCP is not enabled in the devices or their device doesn’t support the HDCP contents. There are some protocols that your device must comply with, otherwise you will not able to stream the media contents on your TV.

If you are using an old model TV at home with HDMI port but lack in HDCP support, then you won’t be able to watch the HDCP contents on your TV due to above mentioned limitation. You will get nothing on your TV screen even after connecting it with the smart devices like Chromecast and Roku. You may receive Error code for HDCP unauthorized content on your TV screen.

So, if you have planned to connect the Roku player with your old model TV to enjoy the high definition videos then it is not at all possible. For this, you need a HDCP supported projector with which you can easily connect your Roku device to stream the high quality contents. You will receive Roku link code for every channel from Roku com page that you will have to enter in your account with the help of Roku remote.

Solution to HDCP problem

One solution to this problem is to buy a new TV that support HDCP content. But according to me, this is not a good solution as this will require a handsome amount from your pocket to purchase a new TV and you will replace an old working TV with the new one just for the sake of HDCP support. So this is not a wise decision.

The best and cheapest method to remove this problem is use of HDMI splitter. This splitter acts as an interface between the Roku player and your old model TV. This will remove the Error message from your screen that prompts you to watch high definition videos on TV screen.

To get best results, we advise you to prefer 1×2 powered 2 port Splitter. This splitter is best supported by HDMI contents and the connections to this splitter are also easy to setup. If you want to compare the different models of splitters, then you can go to amazon official website. You will find complete details on the website.

If you are facing any problem in connecting the Roku player with Splitter then you may go to www support Roku com link. You will get complete guide on connecting the Roku players with different splitter model on this link.