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What Are The Ways To Improve Media Streaming On Roku Player?

Despite of getting so many exciting features on Roku player, some users are yet facing the streaming media problem with their Roku device. The specific reason for the failure is still not cleared by them. They have tried to take support from Roku com link as well but they didn’t get success.

Today, we are going to discuss the ways with which you can troubleshoot and improve the streaming experience with your Roku device. We advise you to kindly set up an account for getting Roku link activation code on it. This code is necessary for casting the contents to the TV.

Problems along with their solutions are discussed in the next passage. You must read them carefully and implement accordingly.

  1. Limited format supported by Roku player:

One of the major problem that is caused in the Roku player is it limited support to the file formats. Roku barely support 2-3 format, when you try to play media through local device. Local device includes mobile, laptop and computer. The video as well as audio formats supported by Roku media player are MKV, WAV, MOV and MP4. If your video format is different from the mentioned format, then it will not play that video.

The strong solution to this problem is downloading an ‘All cast’ software and install in your local device. This app is available on the internet as well as on the mobile market. After installation, connect the device with Wi-Fi network and try playing videos through this software. You must ensure that you have successfully connected the Roku account setup with this ‘all cast’ software prior playing the media.

  1. Problem in connecting the PC with Roku for streaming media

Although, there isn’t any proper solution available on www Roku com linkbut we recommend you to use third party tool for playing the media contents from computer to the Home TV. Mostly used software for this purpose is wondershare. This software converts the particular file format into the appropriate supported format. You can easily convert the format without taking any body help from outside.

  1. Buffering problem or damnable quality of videos

This problem occurs, when the speed of internet connection is poor and not up to the mark. To solve this problem, you first check the internet speed and connection. To watch high quality video, one must require 3Mbps min speed on their network connection. In order to watch high definition videos, you must call your internet service provider for getting broadband related support.

  1. Roku Freezing problem

Despite the fact that Roku is one of the best streaming player in the media world but there are some instances or circumstances, when users find the freezing problem on their Roku player. This is due to the reason that Roku keep on warming when running continuously. So after some time, it switches on and off frequently. In such cases, there is no need to go to Roku com page for finding the solution, simply turn off the Roku device and keep it in off state for 15-20 mins, then turn on the Roku again. If the problem still exists, then check the Roku activation link whether it is activated or not. If not, then activate the Roku first by entering the Roku code in Roku account page.