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What Are The Process To Fix Hulu Plus Related Issues On PS3?


Hulu Plus is an application that has completely changed the dynamics of digital entertainment. What we all used to think of the digital entertainment has been changed totally since the inception of apps like Hulu Plus. You can have this app on multiple numbers of devices including PlayStation 3. But, people are facing issues while accessing Hulu Plus on PS3. What the issue is and how to get rid of it will be discussed in this blog post.

Hulu Plus is a brand that needs no introduction. With a user base in millions, Hulu Plus is all set to become one of the top-rated streaming application in the world. Hulu Plus incorporates a wide range of movies, from classic to latest, TV shows and some exclusive content in the form of documentaries and reality shows that haven’t been broadcasted on the television.

If you think you deserve a better entertainment rather than just seeing what’s coming on the TV, then you need to switch over to Hulu Plus. You will get your daily doze of entertainment on this platform at a highly affordable cost.

Apart from that, you can hook up Hulu Plus on a wide range of devices by doing Hulu activate the process, which means, you don’t have to move from your couch in order to turn on something or change settings in order to play your digital content.

Whichever device you are using at that time, you will be able to access Hulu Plus on that. You just need Hulu activation code to activate the app and rest will be done by Hulu itself.

Hulu Plus on PS3

Hulu Plus can be accessed on PS3. You just need to perform sign in on PS3 and then, you will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies on PlayStation 3 in HD. There is no problem in watching movies and TV shows from Hulu Plus on PS3, but at times, things may go a bit topsy-turvy and that could frustrate you.

Errors in a software are inevitable, so one should always remain ready for those. If you are facing any issue in accessing Hulu Plus on PS3, then you must get in touch with Hulu help and support provider to get rid of the issue. Many people complain of having difficulties in getting the app to load on PS3 console.

There is no need to worry seeing Hulu Plus not working on PS3 because the majority of issues can be fixed by changing a few settings in the gaming console. Some issues could be in  account, so you go through your Hulu account and change the settings.

Here is how you can troubleshoot Hulu Plus app on PS3:

  1. Start off with resetting the PS3 console date and time in case you find Hulu Plus not loading. In order to change date and time, select ‘settings’ on the PS3 console and then, select ‘date and time’ settings’. Select ‘set via the internet’ followed by restarting Hulu Plus. You can also go to check whether your Hulu app is activated or not.
  2. Now, check the speed of PS3 connection to see if there are any streaming issues. On PS3 console, select ‘settings’, ‘network settings’ followed by ‘internet connection test’. Keep in mind that the ideal speed is 3 MBPS or higher for streaming on Hulu Plus, and the app is on the Hulu manage devices.
  3. On your PS3 console remote control, there will be an option ‘R1’ that you need to press in order to set the video quality to ‘auto’. This will be done if the video stutters a lot. The problem should get resolved by doing that step, but if it doesn’t, then you should connect the router directly with an Ethernet cable. Also, check whether Hulu app has been activated or not by going to Hulu com Slash Activate
  4. Turn off your PS3 and router for a couple of minutes and see if the problem in Hulu Plus is still there. If it is, then delete the app and download it again.

This will certainly fix any issue befalling your Hulu app on PS3.