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Update or remove info on your Roku account


If you’re finding hindrance or little confused regarding how to update or remove information on your Roku, then no need worry, here we have some precise steps which may give you the accurate direction.

How are you Roku player users? Enjoying with your superlative streaming device? As we know about this well-liked streaming device, which earned a lot of praise among people plus also grabbed the good ranking. Now most of the people are a bit confused that how to remove or update information on their Roku account if you’re one of them then here we’ve some steps.

Not complicated Rocket-science, steps are really facile. Just follow the given steps and know the procedure:

Method of Payments

You can use these mentioned name as your method of payment-

1.    MasterCard

2.    Visa

3.    America Express

4.    Discover

5.    PayPal

How to update or add your payment method?

  • First, you need to log into to your Roku account, in case if you forgot your password then you can get troubleshooting steps from the Roku’s site.
  • Under the Payment Method Selection, you need to click Update the Payment. When adding new payment style, make sure you’ve entered all filed before making click on the submit button. (Ensure you’ve filled your name, address, phone number, and credit card details).
  • While making any change, you need to enter all the fields again before making click on the Submit button. (Again make sure your enter details are appropriate).

Remove my payment method

You need to click update under the Payment Method section, now below the submit info button if you’re seeing Remove payment Method, then click on that. Now by making click on Remove button you can accept payment method removal.

If you’re payment method update or changes are not accepted

Make sure that all the fields you’ve entered should be visible, before hitting click on the Submit button:

  • Your details of Payment Method which includes your credit card number, expiration date, security number).
  • Replacement of ************characters with card number. Now enter expiration date and security number. Your basic details like your name (first named and the last name), address and contact number.

Finding hindrance adding a payment method during creating Roku account?

First to check whether it’s working or not, use a different card. If you have PayPal, then try that. During initial account making you will get the option to step ahead without adding a credit card after 5 failed attempts.