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Time To Grab New Wireless Speaker Of JBL (built-in Chromecast)

The latest wireless speaker of JBL with built-in Chromecast is now in markets. What are you waiting for? Go and grab it.

As we all are familiar with this well-liked name, JBL. When it comes to standard sound quality then JBL comes in the list of standard speakers. JBL Playlist permits users to quickly stream soundtracks, podcasts or radio from their Android, Apple, and Windows devices or gadgets. Now, what makes JBL Playlist unique and the best, yes, exactly the built-in Google Chormecast aspect is the advantage for the users which permits them to simply cast or stream soundtracks from well-liked services such as Pandora and Spotify (Wi-Fi) and you need to pair it Bluetooth.

Well, if you don’t want to compromise with the sound quality then let us tell that if you stream over Wi-Fi then you will get the standard sound quality whereas you won’t get the good experience with Bluetooth. With JBL Playlist, the cloud is the reason which transfers music to the speaker, which means you’re not compromising with sound/audio quality.

The main benefit of using Wi-Fi, firstly wi-fi holds good range means you can roam here to there freely and can stream your music but in a case of Bluetooth there’s wide-range, you’re limited and the device should be close to the stream or cast music. If any technical mess annoys you in between then you can freely ask for chromecast help by getting in touch with technicians

Casting music is not that complicated, you just need to hit a finger on Chromecast and then you will get the rest of procedure. Now with an alternative to link to other JBL Google Chromecast Tv speakers for more than one room listening, this will permit listeners to spread the musical vibes in every room.

If you take a glimpse at it then you will see it made with a broader surface for the unequaled quality of sound. Well, the looks and design of this device are actually alluring and good thing is that device will also act a property of decoration, simple and sober.

Lou Schreurs, global product line manager, Connected Home HARMAN shared his words, “JBL Playlist provides access to millions of songs and podcasts by casting from apps such as Spotify, Pandora etc. directly to the speaker,” he also added,” With the JBL Playlist, music enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite content with the higher audio quality provided by Wi-Fi.”

JBL Playlist features:

How to cast music to your speakers: If you’re a Chromecast user then simply your single touch on Chromecast will play your favorite tracks from your beloved musical apps.

If you’re fond of Spotify then you’re streaming good quality music at your home. Not that complicated, here your Spotify app will act as a remote. ‘One Touch’ play aspect will let you cast your favorite soundtrack. You can also get the appropriate chromecast support by getting in touch with technicians.

If you want to know the sound quality you’re receiving from cloud then once take a glimpse at this- 24bit/96kHz. Now bump your music.

No how you can avoid the disturbance, you can attend your calls, you can SMS someone plus you can even go out of your room and these activities will not affect your streaming.

The setup process is an easy plus, all you need to Google Chromecast app (can grab from Google Play Store). No rocket science, you just need to follow the instructions, that’s it. You can even get the steps of setup by stepping ahead to chromecast comsetup.

Now, what’s the best thing in it that it supports the newest 802/11AC wireless house networking technology plus also blessed with dual band and i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Enjoy your faster connection.


Well, you can visit the official website of JBL and can get the JBL Playlist. You just need to spend £149.99.