Apple TV

The Update on Apple TV is no Friendly for Viewers:

Apple TV recently got a major update but its target audience was not its viewers. From latest tvOS version now videos can be pulled together from across dozens of video apps including Comedy Central, ABC, and Hulu. You can think of it as a better take on your TV guide that will help you to browse through TV shows and movies without going through the apps.

Apple TV clearly sees this move as a great step for the future of Apple TV. But this doesn’t support enough videos if you are not having a cable TV login.

With the introduction of tvOS latest version, the behavior of Siri Remote has been changed by Apple TV. If you will press the home button, then it will directly take you to the TV screen and for going on the old screen you have press this button again.

The new way of working on Apple TV can be considered as harsh as it doesn’t display any content or app on the main screen. For setting things right you must have to install an app supporting TV, then login in that app and come back to TV. On TV you have to approve the app that you just installed on TV. The connection step is meant for security but doing this step every time becomes tiresome.

For any knowledge and information about Apple TV’s new change please contact Apple TV SupportApple TV Helpand Apple Support Apple TV. You can also visit www AppleTV com.

Once the apps have been approved these will be populated on recommendation list of TV. Now the shows can be browsed by genres, then add them to favorites watch list known as “Up Next.”

This system is a sleek system but viewers will soon notice its problem. The TV has 37 streaming apps out of which 26 are TV Everywhere apps that need a pay-tv login to watch.

For Play station Vue subscriber, it is somewhat beneficial as several TV Everywhere apps support authentication with Vue accounts. But Vue doesn’t support the new feature of single sign in of Apple TV so you have to re-enter the credentials for each and every app installed.

If we talk about standalone subscription services Apple TV supports a maximum of them except Netflix and of course Amazon doesn’t support Apple TV at all. Another weak point of this change is free streaming service. It is able to pull the content of most of the service channels without extra support. Also, the Streaming Bundle Subscribers will not get any benefit out of it as they will not get much content to watch. But Vue account holders will have all benefits.

For cord-cutters, Apple TV hasn’t proved much useful. But it has a lot of potentials and may be in future it will cut the middleman cable TV option and will directly benefit its viewers with TV Everywhere ‘s easy access. Apple can also show standalone streaming service like Netflix if it would support the TV app fully. The TV app is very important for carrying out the bigger plans until the Apple makes any moves and put pressure on those streaming service providers who are not participating.

It would be better for the cord-cutters to stick with old Apple TV home screen and avoiding the new app.