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The significance of HDCP 2.2 to playing 4K content on your Roku

HDCP is a copy and content protection standard. Copy protection/content protection has been around for a long time, and in its early stages was what averted you from plagiarizing VHS tapes. The newest copy protection technology is called HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and is used for digital devices such as Blu-ray™ players, cable boxes and Roku® streaming devices. HDCP 2.2 is particularly for Ultra HD (4K) content.

If your 4K TV or audio/video receiver (AVR) does not work with HDCP 2.2, your eyes may catch this message during setup:

Or you perhaps see this message when trying to change to 4K UHD TV in Settings > Display type:

How to resolve this problem?

Here are the directions to verify that your other devices are adept of supporting 4K content:

  1. Your television must be 4K Ultra High Definition with an available HDCP 2.2 HDMI input.
  2. Even if your TV works with 4K, not all inputs on that TV may grasp the HDCP 2.2. Check the guide of owner or TV manufacturer’s online support directions to ensure your TV meets these necessities.
  3. If you’re linking your Roku player via AVR, the AVR should work with HDPC 2.2. Every device in the chain between the Roku player and the television must be HDCP 2.2 adaptable. Check the documentation for your AVR to ensure that HDCP 2.2 is supported on the HDMI input that you are using. Rest being a user of Roku if you’re struggling with any technical mess such as Roku Not Working, then you can get in touch with professionals.
  4. If you’re using an AVR and you wish to view if it is the source of the error, you should efface the AVR from the chain and link your streaming player directly to an HDCP 2.2 input on your television and see if you can stream 4K content when linked directly. For more, you can step ahead to www Roku Com Link.

If you have a 4K television, and your AVR doesn’t work with HDCP 2.2, you can still get both 4K video and use your AVR by linking the streaming device directly to the input of HDCP 2.2 on your television, and using either ARC (Audio Return Channel) or S/PDIF to route the sound from the television back to the AVR.

What if you can’t change TV or rewire my AVR?

You can still take a joy of full HD content. During setup, your streaming device will select the standard quality of 720p or 1080 p automatically instead of 4K Ultra High Definition. You can select the same quality by stepping ahead to Settings, Display type. Being a fresh user of Roku you can grab the Roku Account Setup steps by getting in touch with experts.