Amazon Fire TV

The Five Simple Steps To Setup The Amazon Fire TV stick.

If you are one of the new users of the dynamic fire TV stick, then here are the five simple steps which will help you to setup your device in a fine way.

The big screen television is heading for a change, and it is getting changed for your own benefit. The traditional cable era has been long gone and the days of Dish TV and DTH are also heading to their end, at least for all the millennials out there. And for this modernize change, all the fine credit goes to the bunch of leading streaming services, like Amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc, the smart TVs and the latest ones- streaming sticks.

The brand new to join up the race is the compatible yet feature loaded streaming sticks in India is the dynamic product of the e-commerce giant, i.e. Amazon Fire Tv stick. After debuting at the price of Rs3,999, the fine TV streaming stick is quite capable of retendering the access to all the apps, TV shows, movies, and games. The stick is being backed up by a fine quad-core processor and the speedy Wi-Fi to deliver the satisfactory picture quality. Being the first ever streaming media stick with a fine voice remote, which simply makes it very simple for all the users to search out the Amazon video content with the user of their voice. And the best thing is that it offers up the spoken language support for all the Indian users in English and Hindi.

Apart from this Alexa’s voice enabled feature, if you are one of the new users and getting the problem while setting up to use to access all your favorite multimedia content, then head on to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Link the power source- The fine streaming stick gets easily plugs into an HDTV and let you access the fine multimedia content; however, it will need the adequate amount of power supply in order to render access to the content. So, the foremost step is to plug the small end of the USB power cord which you will get with the package into the micro-USB port on the Fire TV stick and the other end to into the compatible power adaptor. Head on to plug the power adapter into a power
  • Link the fire TV stick to the TV- Once you have rendered the adequate power source, search the HDMI port into your TV to link the fire TV stick. The whole package includes the HDMI extender cable in the case if your TV is being mounted on the wall and the fine HDMI cable is not accessible in an easy way. Besides this, Amazon also states that the HDMI extender also improves and boost up the Wi-Fi connection of the device.
  • Choose HDMI Input channel on your TV- Switch on the TV and head on to choose the respective HDMI input channel. You will witness a loading screen of “Fire TV stick” logo.
  • Pairing up the remote with the fire TV stick- Now you require to pair up the remote in the package to the fine fire tv stick. To pair it up, simply press and hold the “Home” button for the duration of 10 seconds. It is great mentioning that the remote of the fire tv stick comes with the fascinating voice powering features which make it quite simple for all the users to search for Amazon video content with just their voice.
  • Link to the Internet- Once your remote get easily paired up with the TV, all you require to do is to follow all the on-screen instructions in order to link your fire TV stick with the internet, through a stable Wi-Fi connection. In order to make it happen, you also need to register your stick to the Amazon account. The stick will automatically get pre-registered if you purchase it from If get any tech issue in the setting up of the device, head on to experts for better guidance and assistance.