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The Famous European Show ‘Umbre’ Coming To Hulu

In an unprecedented move, the first of the HBO’s Europe original shows, is a Romanian crime drama to stream in the United States. All this is done on the ad-supported Video On-Demand.

One of the most popular shows in the HBO Europe ‘Umbre’ has been acquired by Hulu for ad-supported Video On-Demand streaming. This is the first footsteps of the highly potential HBO productions from Europe to enter the States.

‘Umbre’ is already present on Hulu, and on June 1st, it is going to be available on VOD services with transactional obligations, including Amazon and iTunes.

Synergetic Distribution has the distribution rights of the show has released a Press release in which some details are mentioned, but no info is given regarding ad-supported streaming blended into the subscription driven model of Hulu. The programming in Hulu is done via subscription, with one ad-free option that starts from $11.99 a month and another at $7.99 a month.

A few months ago, SVOD Amazon Video initiated the move to cater a series on that ad-supported platform instead of opting a subscription wall. The company got the recent season of ‘The Fashion Fund’ that was produced by the famous CNE studios. After that, the company announced the arrival of Amazon Video Direct, which is also a free and ad-supported service that according to many people is just like the YouTube.

Like all other shows that are being streamed on HBO Europe, ‘Umbre’ has received great response. HBO has always transferred its US based content to other nations under joint ventures and subsidiaries, it will be interesting to see how US citizens respond to European content. Hulu will have a major role to play in that because it will be the platform where US audiences will indicate whether they liked the foreign language series or not. The storyline and the culture is totally different to that in the US.

The show is followed by Relu, who is a family man and working as a taxi driver. He live as a collector for a city based thug boss and determines complicated themes like parenthood, marriage and secrets of others. The show was chosen for 2nd season in January.