Apple TV

The Apple TV is a Mess and it’s Hardly the Future of the TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV is a device that fulfils your needs related to streaming the content of your choice. The entire Apple TV Setup is good overall but if talk specifically about the hardware of the TV, then it is good and has capability of streaming all your favorite shows, videos, music, and movies. But when we talk about its software, then we would definitely say that its experience is confusing, muddy and not so good.  If you want to know more about Apple TV, then you can take Apple TV Help.

Let’s check out some positive and negative side of your favorite Apple TV:


Here are some of the positive points of the Apple TV:

  • The new remote of the Apple TV come with a very useful microphone. With its help, you can ask Siri to search for the stuff to watch, rewind or fast forward. You can take its help in entering passwords even which is very time saving.
  • The UI, which has changed much since the launch of first Apple TV box, is very simple and spontaneous. All the apps have been arranged in the grid form and from the new App store you can download more apps so that it can be added to the grid. Apps can also be organized in folders like you do in your iPhone.
  • Apple TV buffers quickly and in terms of responsiveness, image, and quality, its experience is almost like cable TV. Apple TV Support can be taken to know more about the features of Apple TV.


  • The remote of the Apple TV fourth generation might be the worst piece of hardware ever produced by the Apple.
  • The remote is very slick, slim, and tiny and this is the for losing it easily in a couch cushion or anywhere else.
  • The touchpad of the remote is extremely sensitive. If you by chance touch it, then either it will turn on or off.
  • In the dark it’s impossible to pick up the remote and know its orientation because both the buttons and layout are near proportioned from every angle. The design of the buttons of the remote is as such that you need to press one button and by chance you pressed another one.
  • Initially it was the provision by Apple that if you don’t want to use remote, then you can use Apple TV remote app. This provision is also there but you can’t use it because the new app lacks many important features like volume controls, and settings within the app. Also, there is no way to troubleshoot within the app.
  • The worst part of the Apple TV app is that if you want to go back main menu you can’t go without visiting the TV app.
  • Apple’s app store is mess to navigate and it hasn’t changed at all. The app has zero personalization.

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