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Suffering Annoying pauses and blurry images on Hulu streaming service?

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Are you suffering from continuous pauses and low-resolution problem on your Hulu streaming service? If yes, then we are going to discuss the steps to improve streaming quality on Hulu and other streaming services. The fault doesn’t always lie within the service, but it can be in your internet connection too. The faster is the speed of the network the faster will be your streaming.

  1. Upgrade your internet speed: This is certainly a most obvious reason if you are getting the problem in streaming the content from Hulu channel. If you have subscribed to any plan a few years back, then it may require update due to slow downloading speed. To stream 4K content from Hulu channel, you need a minimum of 15 MBPS speed. If your internet service provider doesn’t support this speed, then you can change your internet service provider from home by calling at their customer support number.
  2. Update your router/hub: If you are using a router which you get free with your internet service, then we recommend you to purchase a new router with increased network range and signal strength. This will definitely provide some hike in speed. So, instead of buying crappy routers at some price, we always recommend paying the same amount of money on some best routers. This will help you in reducing the monthly bill a bit.
  3. Switch to Ethernet: If convenient, switch your connection from wireless to wired network. This type of network is much faster than that of a wireless There will be no issue with walls, distance or interference if you are using the Ethernet connection. It is believed to be the most reliable connection.

Before connecting your device to the wired network, you must ensure Ethernet port at the back of streaming media player because some of the big players of media market like Google Chromecast, Roku doesn’t support the wired connection. But, there is good news for you that Google has started selling the adapter for such devices through which you can connect Ethernet cable to your media streaming device. This adapter is available for $15. Other streamers which include Ethernet port are Roku ultra, NVidia shield, and Amazon Fire TV. You will find this port on some gaming consoles.

  1. Move Stuff: Here move doesn’t mean start moving your TV but you can move your router closer to it. If you have placed router at one end of the house, then bring it in the center of your house. No doubt, Wifi signal can easily pass through walls but if the walls are lesser in number then the signal will definitely go in your favor. An alternative to this is, using a Wi-Fi booster and connect it to the router. If your house is too large, then you can use as many numbers of boosters you require according to your convenience.
  2. Switch off your Wi-Fi: You can imagine your internet connection usage at home if you have more members in your family. They all use the same internet connection at your home. If you are trying to stream the same channel from different devices, then this will affect your streaming experience. You may come across buffering issue. If you are still getting the problem, then call at Hulu support number.

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