Subscribe To Hulu And Spotify Together To Start Watching At Lesser Rates

If you have recently watched Netflix on your streaming box, then it’s the time to watch Hulu and Spotify collaboratively to get bigger discounts. They are fighting back to capture the streaming market share again.

Both the companies in their recent news revealed that they are expanding their hands together so as to provide services to the customers in a bundle at cheaper rates. This will moreover bring safety to the businesses.

If you want to subscribe basic pack of Spotify along with ad-supported Hulu service, then you need to pay $12.99 only a month. If you compare it with stand-alone services, then you are saving $5 a month. In simple terms, we can say that you will get Spotify premium subscription for $9 a month and Hulu basic for $7 a month. It amounts to $16 in total. Yes, if you are a student, then this bundle pack is available for $4.99

Hulu Com Activate and Spotify both are trying their best to create more and more fans strength to their brand in future. Tim Connolly, a senior official at Hulu said that customers will love to enjoy music and video together in this bundle pack.

All Spotify premium customers can avail this package immediately otherwise if you are a normal user, then you will get this product in the summer season.

Spotify, a music service from Sweden is offering more than 40 million songs to users with nominal fees and that too without ads. Hulu on other hand is a joint venture of Comcast, Disney, and Fox.  It is offering more than 70,000 shows and movies to the users.

According to Spotify officials, the competitor or rival music app from Apple is also gaining interest from users and there is an exponential rise in the number of customers reported last month.

And Hulu, despite having the largest content share in the Pipeline with 17 million subscribers across the world is still lacking behind Netflix whose global subscriber’s numbers was roughly 118 million in January.

By providing a joint package, both companies are hoping that it will create a large fan following in coming future and attract new customers.

One of the Los Angeles based investment banker, Lloyd Greif in his forum post commented that this partnership will surely bring fruitful results for both the companies. Earlier customers can enjoy music at a time but with this partnership, they can even enjoy the video at best rates.

This move will definitely woo those customers who don’t want to pay to the cable provider for those services which they don’t stream or watch. The companies have also made this move with the view to create history in the field of streaming market by launching a bundle pack.

The Spotify is also giving the opportunity to its Spotify premium customers to watch sample Hulu for 99 cents a month. They can enjoy the service at this rate for a period of 3 months. There is one condition in it. A customer must not subscribe to Hulu service from last one year.

Will this partnership really allure more and more customers or bring some results to Hulu or Spotify? This can be accessed or analyzed once it gets released incomplete market. Moreover, the companies have not shared the breakdown of loss incurring on them from each subscriber.

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