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Steps Involved In Mirroring Your Windows And Android Devices With Roku

The best in class media streaming device Roku has launched an amazing new feature. You can now mirror your Windows or Android device’s screen easily with your Roku device. This is a superb feature which is getting much popular among its users.

The company has launched screen mirroring feature in their new version of Roku media streamer. It supports latest Windows operating system such Windows 8.1 and above. In case of Android phones and tablets, nearly all the latest versions above 5.1 are supported. This means you can now simply mirror your mobile phone’s screen on your television. The company has announced that this feature was much awaited and they are pretty much excited to launch this exclusively on their latest Roku player. Furthermore, top class Roku set up guide is provided by the company.

How to mirror your Windows device with Roku player?

If you are a Windows phone user, then you can easily mirror your screen with the Roku player by simply following few steps. Firstly you must keep in mind that the release is a beta version so there might be some bugs in the software. You must be aware that there can be some issues you might help while you are performing the setup for mirroring the screen. If you face certain issues that are unexpected and you can’t figure them out, try to get in touch with the Roku help providers. They will assist you in getting the job done in just a few minutes.

Now you must open your Windows settings and search for project screen option. By clicking on this option, you will see a tab which states “Add Wireless Display”. Please note that only modern computers having a proper Miracast compatible hardware will provide you with this feature of mirroring wirelessly to a new device. From this option you will be able to see the available devices in the range that support mirroring.  Select Roku from the list and add it to mirroring option. Click on apply and save the settings and exist. Check your TV screen to ensure that the casting has been done properly or not. If the screen is mirrored perfectly you can enjoy it or else, Make contact with the service providers by visiting their website at www Roku com support.

How to mirror your Android device with Roku player?

If you are using an android smart- phone or tablet, then you can mirror your device conveniently by following some steps. Firstly you must ensure that your device is compatible with the screen cast feature. If your device compatible, you must go to Settings, then search for Cast Screen option in the display menu. Click on the option and select the bar which states “Enable Wireless Cast”. Check the option and save the settings. Now you will see a list of available wireless casting devices. Choose Roku player from the list and exit the setup.

Now you can crosscheck the casting by watching your television. If it has been successfully done, then you will experience casted screen on the TV. If the casting is still not working, try to get in touch with the customer care service provider at www support Roku comThey will assist you in getting the desired job done in a couple of seconds. Also, they are the professionals and they have a better knowledge of the device, hence it is strongly recommended that you must call them before starting the setup to avoid any chances of interrupt or error. They will also guide you in Roku account setup procedure. It is important that you have your devices in running state so that you could get on spot assistance.