Sling TV To Face Stiff Competition From Hulu Streaming Live TV

For many cable companies, it is going to get a lot harder to keep up with the inception of the live streaming TV services such as Sling TV. These services are becoming more and more popular because of the addition of new channels and the inclusion of a well-known player. Mike Hopkins, the CEO of Hulu announced this week that Hulu is going to create their own live Television subscription service.

No further details were provided by Hopkins, but if AP report is to be evaluated more then it clearly states that 21st Century Fox, NBC Universal and Disney are the co-owners of Hulu, which means they will not have any difficulties in adding the popular channels that currently run on the cable such as Fox News and ESPN. It is not sure whether Hulu is going to consider Ala Carte option or a single bundle option or even themed offerings.

Sling TV, which is the main competition of the Hulu is not doing much after seeing so many announcements. Hulu will also be taking on Netflix and HBO Go. One thing is going to bother the viewers, i.e., after so many additions to the channel, will these service come at a cheap price or are they going to pay more for these. Well, things are going to get pricier with the arrival of the new Star Trek series, which will be launched on CBS All Access service in 2017.