Roku TV

Roku with a 4K TV is the best you can buy now

As it is seen on Rokuhow Roku has sold the most amount of streaming sticks in the shortest time possible, it has also tried to dive into a new business now a days. Roku has come integrated in the TV business with the latest insignia 4K TV. The TV itself is great in terms of colour reproduction, accuracy and punchiness of colours. It also has a great inbuilt sound system which is a rare sight since slimmer TVs have a weak sound system. The 4K content on it looks beautiful and has some very slick features.

It has 4 HDMI ports and you can see a snapshot of what is being played on which HDMI out. This is great, for those who are not even technically great can now see what they want without fiddling around with settings. This TV is also great as a dumb TV. It has great 4K streaming and as we know, it has inbuilt Roku.

So as we switch it on, we have all the Roku interface as soon as technicae screen appears. There is no hassle of wires and anything once Roku TV is started. A single remote acts as a universal remote for both TV and Roku since it is built into it. Roku TV also has some many outstanding features in terms of 4K. There are a lot of channels exclusively from Roku which provide rich 4K content. It also upscale HD content to 2K easily and effectively.

Adding a Roku module inside a TV has its great advantages. As Roku says, it has the highest quantity of channels inside it so we do not need to switch to some other carrier too but if we want, we have four HDMI ports on the go. However, as it is known that apps on Roku are not polished. Spotify and Netflix look to old and out of date.

This TV is great because of its price point. Under 800$ you are getting a 4K TV as well as Roku inside it, but there are not much major players who deliver 4K content now a days. It is still in inception. However, if you are one of the early adopters, it is very cheap for this price point. Most of the time, as users are in a habit, this TV is used more like a dumb TV than a smart TV.

Roku also has tried to offer 4K content but it is majorly out of the league. It is low and a 50 inch 4K TV gives best experience if you sit 5 to 6 feet away so it basically kills the cause for which you were getting the TV in first place.