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Roku users can simply fix the TrimePlay MAC Adress issue

TrimePlay is a private channel of Roku that offers a limited version of Apple’s AirPlay for those who are using this streaming device with IOS devices. Since the first month of the year when the Streaming Advisor first reported on the installation process and use the feature the story has been watched many times. A few months ago change in coding needed users to verify their address of Roku MAC in order to access TrimePlay and the Streaming Advisor published an uncomplicated guidance to help users navigate the monotonous process. In other cases, users selected the inappropriate MAC address and were unable to re-enter. So finally here’s the troubleshooting procedure for those who are struggling with this issue.

The Nuclear Option

What You Will Need Before You Start To Reset Roku To Factory Settings

  • A web linked device for registration like a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Your suitable Roku credential.

If you want to keep your recent Roku profile, be sure to sign in to your account before you begin changes.

  1.  You need to uninstall the TrimePlay Channel (make a press on * and choose Remove channel)
  2. Factory reset your streaming device

*Sign into your Roku account before you attempting the reset to make sure that you have the correct password. This will make things much simpler later.

Follow these steps to do a factory reset of your Roku

  1. Make a press on home button (the one with the house)
  2. Press up so you can navigate to settings and hit press on OK
  3. Toggle right so you can highlight the choices and to factory reset, you need to toggle up.
  4. Press OK
  5. To uninstall all your Roku channels and settings, you need to choose Factory reset, this will immediately

*You will likely have to pair your remote when the box reboots

To expose the battery compartment you need to slide the remote’s back and hold down the little button at the base of your remote until you don’t see green light blinks.

Install your Channels again

Roku will ask you a language to select, choose language accordingly.

The Roku will offer you with a code to connect the device with a Roku account

If you want to restore your Roku Channels that you have previously installed, make sure to fill up the credential in your Roku account online before using the link Code otherwise it will set up a new Roku account.

If you do set up a new Roku account it won’t create an issue just navigate to reset the Roku back to factory settings again. But you might as well save yourself the problem first time.

  1. Follow instructions and step ahead to the website as directed
  2. If you didn’t do so previously sign in to your Roku account with your suitable credentials
  3.  After this step, the Roku will load the channels automatically that are linked with the account.

Adding TrimePlay

Next, you must add TrimePlay again to your streaming device.

  1. Search for your MAC Address by accessing Settings and spotlighting about. You will discover the MAC address listed here.
  2. Choose the option of mac address that fits your requirements and copies it ditto as your eyes capturing. Your Roku is wired in through Ethernet port so you choose the Ethernet Mac address.
  3. Now Trimeplay will appear at the bottom of your list of channel. Step ahead to the bottom of the list swiftly by toggling up on the controller.
  4. Without these dots (:), enter the MAC Address
  5. Now press OK

So hopefully these steps will help you out, if still, you see no change in your issue then you can contact the Roku professionals and those who are new this streaming device, they can the easy steps regarding How To Set Up Roku by ringing up the professionals.