Roku Troubleshooting


Roku devices have provided a new dimension to get access to the high quality digital data. With an increase in the Roku models, things have changed in the digital streaming world. Roku players are highly advanced devices that come with a remote control, which can be used to play, pause, skip, reverse, forward and stop the digital content. Roku players are the most popular streaming devices in today’s time because of their association with more networks than any of its competitors. While setting up Roku devices, it is important to take a look at the Roku’s remote as well. It you have purchased a Roku device and found that Roku remote not working, then you need to fix it out. There could be a plenty of reasons for a non-functional remote, such as the inappropriate pairing. It is important to get in touch with Roku com support to get rid of a non-functional remote control. But, you need to check that the batteries in your remote control because most of the times, the problem arises due to drained batteries.

How to troubleshoot a wireless Roku remote?

Step 1: Determining the right pairing button

  1. Open the battery cover of your Roku remote and then, get into the battery compartment.
  2. After that, press the pairing button and release it immediately.
  3. A LED light will flash, and if it does, then the problem is in the batteries, so get the new ones.
  4. Check the remote again and it will work.

Step 2: Reboot the Roku device with its remote

  1. Switch off the Roku device and switch on after half a minute or so.
  2. After the booting is done, remove the batteries.
  3. To check the functioning of the remote, insert the batteries again.

Step 3: Pair Roku device with remote

  1. Remove the batteries again and get into the battery compartment.
  2. Press the pairing button and hold it until you see the LED light flashing.
  3. Check if there is a pairing dialog box is displayed on the television screen.

Step 4: Re-pair the remote control after clearing remote control

  1. Take out the battery cover and then, the battery compartment.
  2. Switch off the power supply of your Roku device.
  3. On the Roku device, press home and down button on the remote. There are A & B buttons on the remote, so you need to press them along with the pairing button on the Roku’s remote.
  4. After seeing the pairing LED light flashing, release those buttons.
  5. The remote is clear if you see 3 more LED lights flashing.
  6. Now, you can switch on the power supply of your Roku device.
  7. Put the Roku remote on pairing mode by pressing the pairing button. Hold if for 5-10 seconds for settings to take effect.
  8. On the TV screen, you will see the message that the remote has been paired and the Roku has been rebooted.

Step 5: No step worked out for you? Factory reset your Roku

Reset your Roku player by pressing the reset button, which is given at the bottom of the device. If you are using Roku stick, then it will be present at the top. To reset the device, press and hold the device for at least 20 seconds. With the Roku update, the pairing problem can be easily eradicated.

How to use and maintain Roku remote?

  1. Find a clean and dry place to keep the Roku remote.
  2. Ensure a clear line of sight as Roku remote works on IR technology.
  3. The brand of the new batteries should be similar to the old ones in order to ensure efficient working of the remote control.

How does problems related to interference and pairing arise in Roku remote?

The interference in Roku remote and the pairing loss are the two most common problems. If there are other electronic gadgets placed around the Roku remote, then it is certainly going to pick up the signals of those devices and cause the performance of the device to deteriorate. Gadgets like amplifiers, gaming consoles and other household electronic appliances can affect the performance of the Roku remote. It is advised to move the Roku player a few inches left or right from its current position. It will be good enough to alleviate the chances of interference, thus allowing you a good signal strength for your Roku remote. Try out this process to increase the performance of your Roku remote.

Consider changing the Settings of the router

Wireless signals has a major role to play when it comes to the operation of Roku remote. If you live in an area where there are a plenty of other Wi-Fi networks available, then the concerns related to the signal interference start to arise. It is better to pick up a different channel to make sure that the interference doesn’t occur. Precisely mentioning, it is ideal to pick up the channel 1, 6 or 11 as they don’t have frequencies, which other can overlap. If your Roku not working on a specific channel, then the problem is within your router’s firmware, and updating the firmware will fix the issue. Roku error code 014, which is the error caused due to the improper Wi-Fi network can occur quite often in the Roku.

It is important to take the help of an efficient and effective Roku technical support to get rid of the issue. They have the right troubleshooting steps to fix the issue once it for all.

Besides the above mentioned issues, a wide number of other errors can also be fixed easily by the technical support.

  1. Roku error code 001.
  2. Roku error code 003.
  3. Roku error code 011.
  4. Roku HDCP unauthorized.
  5. Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled.
  6. HDCP Unauthorized Roku.
  7. Unable to connect Roku to Wi-Fi.
  8. HDCP unauthorized content disable Roku.

The problem related to the Wi-Fi is perhaps the most common one, but it can be resolved quite easily if you are in touch with the industry’s best technical support. If you find you Roku not connecting to the home Wi-Fi network, then you need to go online and get the contact number of the Roku tech support.