Roku Feed, The Best Feature That You Must Use In Roku Device


We all are well aware of Roku streaming devices that streams the contents from internet to the TV but there is a problem that you may slip your favorite videos from watching because it’s very difficult to remember the timings of each TV shows. There is an option to deflect this problem, if the cable box organize the shows according to the time itself. It means that at particular time which show has been broadcasted on which network is to be tracked by DVR itself.  You don’t need check the Amazon, HBO now and Hulu every time for new episodes. If you are using Roku for the first time then you need to do Roku account setup from Roku com website page.

Roku has been working on this problem to find out the ideal solution from last one year. It has disclosed ‘Roku feed’ feature for all of its Roku platform users. This feature appears in the main menu and reminds you of every new episodes recently added in the channel list. It also provides you information about the prices slash down to let you purchase movies on rent. Roku feed is just like a reminder or alarm clock for you that keeps the record of your favorite TV shows and episodes.

Earlier in 2015, when it was launched didn’t get much attention from the user but now it has gained the popularity among the all Roku users as a result of new streaming services brought on a board. We now see that how the Roku feed works.

How Roku feed works:

Roku feed locates under the main screen with the icon ‘my feed’. You will notice the categories of videos below in the following sequence.

  1. List of movies already available for purchase and rentals and subscription.
  2. ’TV shows’ displays list of all popular TV shows.
  3. ‘Movies coming soon ‘shows the list of movies that are released in cinemas but yet to come for subscription on streaming devices.

If you want to add particular video in Roku feed for its regular update on new episode then you can do it easily by selecting ‘follow on feed’ option.

There’s an option to search for a new work recently done by any director or actor by just entering the specific TV show or episode in Roku ‘search function’ related to that actor or director.

Services supported by Roku feed:

Netflix does not support on Roku feed as they have no spare time to spend for other apps other than their own app. Roku is continuously encouraging them for participation in Roku Feed. Contents providers that support Roku feed includes HBO, HBO GO only with their HBO app but not with standalone now app. In the same way, Viacom has provided access to its contents on Roku feed with their comedy central and VH1 apps only, not with MTV.

Roku provides regular updates for installed apps only not from unsubscribed apps. If you want to download or see the missed app then you can follow www Roku com link.

What’s coming up next in Roku feed?

In the coming days, Roku will work on those certain no of episodes whose list for latest shows and prices are wrongly interpreted by them. Roku also tries to tie up with Netflix in order to support its services as well. If you want to use Roku feed feature on your Roku device then you must enter Roku link activation code for registering yourself on Roku com link. If you have not registered with your Roku account then you will get the link verification code on your TV screen. You can easily enter the code with help of remote buttons. More features that you can catch a glimpse of on ‘Roku feed’ in coming days includes:

  1. New sorting feature
  2. Unwatched list.
  3. Live TV.