Amazon Fire TV

Resolve these three basic issues of Amazon Fire TV

What’s going on Fire TV lovers? As we all are familiar with the astounding functionality and fine features of this device. If we talk about ranking then Amazon Fire TV resides in the series of three popular streaming devices (Roku, Fire TV, and Apple). One side if people are enjoying the facile functionality of Fire TV then on other hand people are also facing several technical issues. Take a glimpse at these issues plus how to solve them.

1. Blank Screen Issue:

  1. If you’re one of them who are suffering from then you can follow the below given steps or simply you can ask for fire tv support by getting in touch with professionals.
  2. First, you need to make sure that your television is on and set to the accurate input channel
  3. Now unplug and connect again the HDMI cable linking your Amazon Fire TV device to your television. You may need run your vision to different HDMI cable.
  4. If you Amazon Fire TV device is linked to an AV receiver, then ensure the receiver is on.
  5. Disconnect other devices linked to your TV’s HDMI ports temporarily
  6. Now try to change your TV to a different resolution (for ex. 1080 or 720p)
  7. Make a press on the Up and Rewind buttons on your Amazon Fire TV remote at the similar time for approx. five seconds. The indicator light on your device then blinks yellow as system cycles via available output resolutions, now pausing at each resolution for approx. ten seconds. If you see the accurate resolution, then select Use Current Resolution

Note: When you begin or pause streaming a title in 4K Ultra HD on your streaming device (2nd generation), you may see the flickering or you’re your screen turn black briefly as the display resolution converts from HD to UHD. For more amazon fire tv support you can ring up the professionals.

2. Specific App Issues:

Well, if you’re struggling with the issue of a specific app, then you can try these facile steps. These may resolve your problem.

  1. Firstly, you need to select the Setting from the Home screen, then go to Applications, and then to Manage All Installed Applications.
  2. Now select the troublesome application
  • Now change the settings
  • You can move the app between internal and external storage (only Amazon Fire TV)
  • Clear data
  • Now clear cache
  • Force stop
  • Now uninstall the application

Note: Kindly remember that clearing data doesn’t remove the app itself. However, it may delete saved information such as game scores or account details.

  1. Can’t access external storage:

Note: Those who are using Fire TV Stick, External storage options are not available for them. For fire stick support, contact experts.

First, make sure you’re using a supported storage device:

•    For Amazon Fire TV (first generation) you can use a suitable USB flash drive for external storage.

•    For Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation) you can use a suitable microSD card for external storage.

If your storage device is suitable, try safely removing and then attach again it to your Amazon Fire TV:

1.    Now go to Settings, then to System and select your storage device

2.    Now select Eject

3.    Before safely removing the device, wait for the on-screen confirmation.

4.    Again attach your storage device

These are some basic technical issues plus their solutions, if you see no change in your issue then you need to get in touch with professionals and experts