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Quick review of Samsung Series 9 SUHD curved Smart TV

Redefine curved TV experience with Samsung Series 9 SUHD curved Smart TV which provide better quality videos through new technologies Quantum Dot display and HDR 1000.Also controls multiple by Oneremote.

Samsung is well known for launching smartphones with numerous features but this time they have launched their 2016 range of TVs with a total 44 new models.

Series 9 SUHD curved Smart TV is the best for India. It comes in 55 and 65 –inch screen. Here we present you the review of 55-inch.

If you looking for an amazing quality and sharper video provides you same with its two new technologies such as Quantum Dot display and HDR 1000.

Company says that Quantum display will give as many colors on the TV by using 10-bit panel whereas, other SUHD’s uses 8-bit panel. Apart from this it gives you more shades to see images of the sunrise, sunset or landscapes plus gives you more vibrant colors.

Whereas, HDR offers better depth in image and provide sharp image quality. HDR 1000 is a step above ‘normal’ HDR because it offers 1000 nits of brightness while other HDR enabled TVs stick to 500 nits or less.

Both these provide Samsung’s curved display panel upper edge than the standard SUHD TV.

Well, when we compared it with LG’s new OLED range, The Series 9 SUHD TV manages to stand neck to neck in majorities of scenarios. Samsung has chosen to omit its 3D feature and this feature is hardly used by anyone but if you still want 3 D then this thing is not for you. We tested the TV with number of sources a Tata Sky HD, Xbox One, direct USB playback for audio/videos as well as streaming videos from online sources.

Samsung excelled at everything including upscaling HD content to 4k resolution. . However, as with other 4k resolution TVs, SD content from TataSky lacked details when up-scaled. However, it was good enough to see if we see it from a distance.

The curved panels adds to the overall quality experience. But it is not very different from last year’s curved TV range.

Earlier, last year’s curved TV range did not provide better angels but this problem is resolve in the 2016 range. Samsung has update its new range in terms of technology but also in design.

Now TV comes with bezelless screen which is super slim even in its curved shape. Brushed metallic finish on the back gives its unique appearance. Plus it comes with T-shaped stand which makes it appears to be floating in the mid –air.

It is easier to connect it as the One Connect box system comes with longer cable length which provides easy placement. One cable runs from the TV to the box to minimize cable clutter the box has HDMi, USB and optical inputs and this solves the issue of slim TV’s that has fewer ports.

There’s backlight Samsung logo in the center that glows while watching TV. However, there is a big change on the remote control. Samsung introduces OneRemote as the name indicates can control multiple devices without attaching any external IR blasters. It has a basic design with basic access buttons like power button, navigation pad, selection buttons, smart menu, volume, channel change and a button for voice commands.

The remote I designed in a way that it can be configured to work with various set-top boxes, game consoles as well as DVD/BluRay players.

However, it is good to have minimalist universal remote but there is no tutorial available on how to control extra devices.

Samsung says that they are updating and will add tutorials on the TV when a new device is connected.The updated Tizen OS interface on the SUHD TV is add on to the TV.

Moreover, Tizen is Samsung’s own operating system which they use on some their smartwatches and phones which makes the whole experience pleasurable.