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Personalize Olympics And Other Mega Events With The New Feature Of Hulu’s Live App

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Hulu has been bragging about its Live TV app, which it should be because it is a feature that promises anything and everything a user would like to have in a Live TV. Now, the app is going to have a personalization feature, which will further allow you personalize the ongoing Winter Olympic Games as per your personal preferences.

Hulu had been teasing a feature of personalizing Olympics experience in its Live TV app for past many weeks. The company has launched that feature on 31st January 2018.

Though there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the launch of this feature, subscribers of Hulu are not that dumb. They were able to figure out this new feature, and have been praising the company for the same.

Personalized Olympics experience gives Hulu users an opportunity to track their favorite Olympics events easily. They can choose from a number of events such as snowboard, ski jumping, figure skating, alpine skiing, luge and many others.

The company has also stated that there will be a personalized dashboard that will debut on Hulu for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. This dashboard will allow people who have subscribed to Hulu Live TV to track all the activities at the Olympics easily. It isn’t just the events that they could keep a track of, but various other content as well, such as news, highlights, medal ceremonies and more.

This new feature pops up only one time per profile and is quite easy to use. It is a straightforward feature with no complications at all. Users will see a list of events in the app, with each event is preceded by a small icon representing a sport. Hulu users can easily track their favorite events. They just have to click ‘+’ sign to follow the event on Hulu.

The company has also added a new section in the app by the name of ‘Olympics Preview’.Opening this section will get the users to previous Olympics-related videos that are available on the network. Hulu has tried to build up for the PyeongChang Winter Games in order to make it a successful one. Moreover, the company’s own feature is at stake, so it is obvious to see them doing every bit to make it a success.

The inception of such a feature at the time of such a huge event like the Olympics can prove to be extremely beneficial for Hulu, as there has been a battle going on between Hulu and other top streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now and Sling TV etc.

This feature also showcases the ability of a modern-day TV streaming service to deliver a better experience than traditional network TV. Users can personalize whatever they want to watch. Back in the day, people couldn’t do much rather than creating a watch-list for the shows that they like or getting recommendations based on their viewing patterns.

Hulu has launched this new Olympics feature on its mobile app, but there is no information regarding the launch of the web version of Hulu with this new feature. I just hope that the company launches it soon because there are many users who access Hulu through their PCs and Laptops.

The feature can also be accessed on the living room devices, so users having such devices can open the app, click on the link that is given at the top-right corner of ‘Olympics Home’ collection and then, select the option named ‘Pick your favorites’.

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