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Order a pizza from Apple TV app and get an amazing discount

If you’re an Apple TV user, then you will be glad to know that now you can order a pizza from home through Apple TV app from Papa John’s digital online ordering service, you can even design your own pizza.

What’s Apple TV users? Well, now perhaps you can switch your Dominos mode to Apple TV Pizza delivery app, sounds interesting right? You would glad to know that Papa John’s offers full comfort to users plus make them order pizza from their home. That’s really great that Papa John’s expand its digital ordering services and good thing is that now if you order a pizza or we can say we if you use this new app then you will get a 25% discount. First of all ordering pizza from Papa John’s will give your standard experience and amazing thing is that you have the pick-selected pizza options, from where you can pick the pizza or you can design your own.  Isn’t delicious, you can add extras cheesy garlic breadsticks as well.

Well, not only you while garnishing and topping your pizza rest the family members can also see it on the big screen, means they can also put their suggestion while ordering a delicious pizza. In 2001, Papa John’s was the first company to provide online ordering service, users just needed to order over SMS text in 2007. But now you can see the difference, who knew that today people will make an order through Apple TV app.

Steve Ritchie, president, and COO at Papa John’s, also shared his words, Apple TV is the only television platform that we’ve brought the Papa John’s ordering experience to. We were attracted to Apple TV because of its commitment to innovation and customer experience, two priorities that Papa John’s is always seeking to evolve’.