Apple TV

Now watch content from VH1, MTV and Comedy Central by using universal search feature

Apple TV is slowly adding various app to it universal search features. Apple this week adds Comedy Central, MTV and VH1 into tvOS universal search.

Apple TV is a digital media player and a microconsole developed and sold by Apple Inc. It has gradually adding various app to its universal search feature since it introduced its fourth-generation Apple TV. Over the past week three more apps have entered Apple TV. Now VH1, MTV and Comedy Central can appear in search results on the Apple’s support page for universal search. If you face any problem using this feature take Apple TV support.

Wondering what universal search is, it allows users to perform single search using Siri or search app and see content across multiple channels. With the addition of VH1, MTV and Comedy Central these channels will also appear in the search results. You will be familiar with all the new updates and functionalities of Apple TV by navigating Www appletv com.

For example if you say “Siri, show me Christina,”MTV will be on the list as a source on the result page. Similarly when you say “Siri show me Hip hop” as VH1 will appear on the list in the search results.

Apple has a webpage dedicated to listing all of the apps that support universal search, which has been updated this week with new add-ons. However, Support for universal search first rolled out to VH1, MTV, and Comedy Central last weekend but Apple recently confirmed the additions.

How to Use Universal Search

Try out the universal search on Apple TV by either pressing the Siri button which is available on the Siri remote or by using the Search app in tvOS or take Apple TV help.

In near future we expect the universal search expansion to continue with this pace as company C.E.O Tim Cook has a plan of incorporating many apps and is working to expand its support.