Google Chromecast

Now Built-In Chromecast in Sony Speakers Also

A lot of companies are adding built-in Chromecast to their products and the new name added to this list doing this addition is Sony.

Many companies have added Google Chromecast Setup to their products like smart TVs, speakers and sound bars last year and a new one who is doing this is Sony.

Sony’s new HT-MT500 is a compact sound bar that couples with a wireless subwoofer that you can stand upright near your TV or slide under your sofa. There is a specific setting for both the situations so that sound can adjust accordingly. Spotify connect is also available for HT-MT 500 and there is one another model for the people who don’t want to employ Chromecast Com Setup which is HT-MT300. But it will still have Bluetooth and NFC pairing, but added benefits of Chromecast can’t be taken.

Another model is HT-CT290, which is another space saving option and its super slim also. This model can be easily mounted on the wall that too without becoming fright. Like other models it also has Bluetooth connectivity, simulated surround sound of 300 watts of power, and a wireless subwoofer. If you want to know more Chromecast built-in models, please contact Chromecast Support. If you need an audio upgrade for HDR and 4K viewing, then HT-Ct 400 is the best option for you. It comes with Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. In other words, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio with the stunning visuals. You can also use Sony’s surround sound speakers and multiroom audio with HT-CT800.

The flagship of Sony for CES 2017 is HT-CT5000. The main feature of this speaker is high-resolution audio support and Dolby Atmos. The company is looking it as a base for the home theater setup. It has 3 HDMI ports, one for HDMI ARC connection, Bluetooth connectivity, digital optical and analog options, and a USB jack.  It also works with Google Home that means you can use google personal assistant for controlling music.

Sony has not revealed any specific price range. The company has said we can expect all these sound bars will arrive this spring season. For more information, you can log on to Www Google Com Chromecast Setup.