Netflix new year’s gift is the third season of “Fuller House”

Fuller House

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 Besides giving you numerous top flicks, Netflix has planned to gift you a special surprise in the form of a new season of a top-notch show. As you guys are aware that Christmas has gone, leaving some unforgettable memories to cherish, but with the reminder of the new year.  So, this new year you can have the taste of “Fuller House” third season on your tv with Gibblers, Fullers, and Tanners. According to the official trailer and Netflix press release, the special countdown of the show will be released on Dec 28th, so even if you are on a holiday, you can still enjoy your favorite sitcom by celebrating 2017 in advance. If you face any kind of hindrance, while streaming the show, you can head to Tv Help to resolve the streaming issue with a better solution.

 There is no kind of confirmation about what exactly will be there in the special countdown of the sitcom, as you can witness the trailer of the show which includes the scenes from the season 2 last episode “Happy New Year, Baby”. According to Netflix, if you want to make your new year with the show, you can head to the “countdown” section, where  get the show released on Dec 28th. Well, this is not enough, as Netflix will also telecast the countdown for their shows, which includes Luna Petunia, Puffin Rock, Skylanders Academy and Trollhunters. With Netflix help, you can reach out to the countdown section, if you counter any kind of issue with the streaming service.