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Netflix Is Now An Exclusive US Pay-TV Home Of Latest Lucasfilm, Marvel, Disney And Pixar Movies

Have you seen the latest blog post of Netflix? Well, the company has mentioned important news there a couple of days ago. Netflix is about to get an exclusive Pay-TV on those movies that have done well on the box office.

As mentioned by the Chief Content Officer of the Netflix, Ted Sarados, ‘Netflix is going to become the exclusive pay TV home for all the latest movies from Disney from this September. Not only Disney, but Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm as well.’

With this, the situation that was arising because of those producers who were trying to commence their own versions of Netflix will now be settled. Disney has done it already, so viewers will be able to watch blockbuster Disney movies on your TV. The scheme only applies to the viewers who are living in the US, so people from the UK will have to wait a little longer in order to watch Disney movies in one place.

Customers were ecstatic to see this news. Those who have ended their subscription are now thinking of getting it back because of these new features. Well, they have made the right move because Netflix is about to go bigger and better, so people who are craving for some new and fresh entertainment can hook up to Netflix. The company is also excited to launch new features and join hands with new partners.

The CCO of the company Sarandos also announced that the ‘Mascots’, which is the Netflix original movie is also going to arrive in September, so it is going to be an exciting month for Netflix subscribers. ‘Mascots’ is a mockumentary on sports that is written by Christopher Guest who wrote ‘This is Spinal’.

Netflix has seriously revamped its services, which was necessary as well because customers were getting bored seeing that same old movies and TV shows. The new features will add a new breadth of life into the Netflix. Stay tuned for more information regarding the updated features of Netflix.