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Hulu Has Changed The Digital Trends But Still Requires Some Improvement.

Hulu Streaming Service

With the changing scenario and technology, it has now become possible to enjoy live and exclusive contents on your TV screen with the help of activate. You can watch any program or episode of your choice on this streaming channel irrespective of cable TV subscription. You only need to pay for particular program or movie you want to watch.

In earlier times, when you subscribe to the cable network, you are required to pay a subscription for every individual channel. Moreover, if you want to enjoy live contents on TV, then also you need to pay extra for it. The technology as we all know is changing constantly. With the advent of Sling TV in 2015, the trend of cable TV had declined and users had started using the services of Sling TV.

All these services are now coming in beta version. You just need to pay small fees per 50 channels. You will be able to watch FX, ABC, CNN and many another big channel with this package. Nevertheless to say that Discovery communication has still not partnered with these services so you won’t be able to enjoy this channel on your subscription. Hulu plus even doesn’t support the Viacom networks. You will not be able to watch channels like comedy central and Nickelodeon. Besides this, you will remain disappointed for channels like BBC America, AMC, and IFC. AMC is a home for entertainment. If you are an active member of Hulu account, then all the aforementioned channels will remain inaccessible to you Even if you have entered activation code on link.

A Good thing for you is that you can watch YouTube videos and PlayStation Vue on Hulu network. If you want to get live access to any channel, then it is restricted to the current location only. Login to and enter the current location in the settings.

The user-interface of is quite amazing and simple. You can easily grab the things on a one go. If you have updated the channel, then you will find a new interface on the screen. This is totally changed and the process to activate the Hulu with is not changed as of now.

If you are not a tech-savvy, then you find difficult to work with the new interface. It may disappoint you because the tasks and functionality in a way or two are tedious. You may find a problem in understanding the things. If you have installed Hulu on Android, Apple, and iPad, then you can easily go to menus through Navigation buttons available on-screen.

Apart from so many advantages, there are some disadvantages too in the new Hulu interface. The option is unavailable on the home screen. The Live TV feature is not directly available and no search button is available for watching exclusive contents. For this, you need to go to ‘Browse’ menu followed by ‘Networks’. There you will find ‘Play live’ option.

One of the best feature revealed by company executive in his press conference is ‘Rewind’ option. You can even rewind the current playing contents on Hulu App channel without any problem. If any contents are being aired live on your TV and you have missed out the starting part, then there is nothing to worry. Just rewind the program and start watching from the beginning.

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