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Hulu For Android TV Now Comes With The Support Of Google Assistant

Check out how the functioning of Hulu for Android TV has dramatically changed with the inclusion of Google Assistant voice commands. We have discussed this news in detail in a below-mentioned blog post, and we know for a fact that you will be interested to know as to what more Hulu can do now that it has got voice support.

Android TV despite being a spectacular platform has been overlooked by many people. It is not yet known as to why people have not shown interest in Android TV, but it is how it is. We have felt that people are neglecting Hulu app for Android TV. But, things are now getting better, and people have started to show interest in this amazing app, which consists of hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies. Moreover, Hulu has been given the ability to work with Google Assistant as well, which means, users now can easily find movies and TV shows without pressing or tapping any hardware. They just have to use the right command, and the app will display the corresponding service on the screen.

One thing that we have found in Android TV is that the platform has kept voice search at the core, but when it comes to an assistant, Android TV has got a more powerful software. But, the road to collaborate voice assistant with Android TV is not going to be that easy, as developers will have to work very hard in order to give assistant the tools it needs in the first place. Tools, which make the voice assistant capable of finding out as to what is going on inside of the applications.

The company is sure about the fact that people using Hulu with voice assistant are definitely going to like this association because it is a new feature, which has a lot more to give to the users compared to the previous Hulu app.

Hulu after a year of its launch has been able to incorporate a voice assistant. If you want to try out Hulu with voice assistant feature, then you will have to download the latest version of Hulu app. You can easily find the app on Google Play Store. Download and install the app, and start searching for things with Google assistant and start playback without opening the app and navigating through options. The feature is going to work nice and smooth on NVidia Shield TV, which happens to be the only Android TV device, which properly supports Assistant, but it will be possible for users to try the same on other set-top boxes as well.

The new update is going to allow voice control of Hulu Activate on Android TV devices where the availability of Google Assistant is there. People will be able to control the app through their voices, and by control we mean, they can easily open the app, play, pause, fast forward, rewind, stop, resume and skip to next TV shows and movies. It is definitely a great addition to the app, and the company hopes that this feature will lure in more customers because this is one of those features that is available in very few apps.

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