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How you can Control Your Home from Apple TV?

Apple Tv of fourth generation was launched in the fall of 2015. There was absence of direct support for controlling Apple Home kit devices. This omission was big specially when Apple Tv was designed to act as a hub for remote access to the devices of Home kit. In other words, if we say that the help of set top box were taken for processing the Home kit accessory commands. But there was no way to use the Apple TV itself for the user. It took one year to come. But tv OS 10 bought the interactive support to the set top box in the last fall.  This has opened the opportunity to be able to control Home kit accessories with the help of Siri commands, but also the third-party support for the third-party tv OS access to Home kit framework. Apple TV Support can be taken in case of any information.

Most accessories can be adjusted with the help of Siri Home kit commands. Like turn off the lights of living room, activate scenes like Set the movie night scene or it’s a movie night. While using these commands, we found that they work quickly in issuing any command in comparison to Apple watch or iPhone. Your thermostat can also be set here like set the temperature to 24 degrees. Apple TV Help can also be taken inn case of any difficulty. You can also inquire about the various home kit sensors to check the temperature and other information like what is the temperature in the living room or can even ask this like is there carbon monoxide in the basement.

The only major limitation is that you can’t control he security devices such as door locks. These types of devices need authentication usually via touch ID or an Apple watch with wrist detection enabled. Ans since the Apple Tv doesn’t have any way of authenticating you, so it will simply refuse to do anything with these kinds of accessories. It will also direct you to issue your command to iOS device. But there is one thing that you can do which is the status of your door lock like is the front door locked. In case of any query you can take Apple Support Apple TV.

The third-party apps for Home kit is slower in appearing for tv OS. Though the options like Looming has started coming up for providing the additional options. We find it more practical to use Siri commands for the majority of Home kit functions on Apple TV, because it can be called up from anywhere rather than going to switch over to another app. Looming offers support for the new category of the Home kit cameras. For any kind of support or query you can visit www Appletv com.