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How To Troubleshoot The Netflix Streaming Issues On Any Android Device?

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Getting problem in streaming the videos on your android player? If yes and that too with the Netflix com link, then there is no need to roam here and there. You just go through the post mentioned below. You don’t find any need to get support from any other sources after reading the below-mentioned steps.

The steps to troubleshoot Netflix contents streaming on Android device are:

  • Restart your android based device: The steps to restart the android phone or tablet are mentioned here as under:
  • Turn off the phone by pressing the power button from the top or side of the device.
  • Check whether the phone is turned off or not.
  • Turn on the Android device again and check if the mobile is turned on or not.
  • Now, try playing contents through www Netflix com You will be able to stream the contents without any hassle. If you still find any problem, then you can contact the Netflix streaming support providers.
  • Clear the Netflix application data from phone: To clear the app data, You need to do the following:
  • Open the phone screen by unlocking it and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Go to General and click on ‘Apps’. If you don’t find general settings, then search for ‘Apps’ directly.
  • Go to ‘Manage applications’ option from the next option. If this option is unavailable, go to next page then and check the same option.
  • Search for Netflix and click on the ‘Download’ tab.
  • Go to ‘Storage’ and click on next option. If you don’t find the storage option, then there is nothing to worry, just over to next option.
  • Click on ‘Clear data’ and then ‘OK’.
  • Try playing the contents now from Netflix Tv. You will be able to get success after this. If you still find any problem, then go to Netflix login help Enter your query in the form and submit it on the home page.

Note: There are some Android devices which don’t have a clear option in the settings. For this, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Re-install the Netflix app

  • Open the play store from your mobile and click on ‘Netflix’ app.
  • You will find this app on the list of installed apps. Click on it to start uninstallation.
  • You will find ‘uninstall’ option here.
  • When you delete the app, all the data related to the app and the files which you have downloaded in the device will get deleted from the device.
  • Press ‘Ok’ to confirm.
  • Once the uninstallation gets completed, select ‘Install’ by downloading it from play store.
  • Click to open the app once it gets
  • Try playing contents through Netflix app.

Troubleshooting the network related issues: In case you are getting the problem in streaming due to network issues, then you can resolve it by getting onto online help link. You need to go to Netflix home page and check the network related problems.

In case you are still getting the problem after implementing the aforementioned steps, then go to help center link of your home page and check for the code which you are getting on the screen. You can also call at Netflix sign in help number given on the home page of our support site.

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