How To Troubleshoot The Netflix Streaming Issues In Your Internet Explorer

How To Troubleshoot The Netflix Streaming Issues In Your Internet Explorer

In order to stream media through Netflix app, there must be Microsoft Silverlight software installed in your computer. Concurrently, you may encounter problem in installing Microsoft Silverlight or watching videos through Netflix. Today we are going to discuss the solution to your problem. The main issues you may experience are:

  1. You will be requested to install Silverlight software again. However, it is already installed.
  2. You may find difficulty in streaming media from Netflix activate.

The most familiar problem that encountered in many internet explorer is outdated version of Silverlight or improper version of windows OS. This may corrupt the files of your Silverlight software.

Solution: The detailed solution for these common problems is discussed here as under. You will able to stream media from Netflix com activate after implementing the following resolution steps.

The very first step to troubleshoot the problem is to check current version of Silverlight in your system, then go through the following steps.

  1. Open the start box and enter Silverlight in the search field. Open the Microsoft based Silverlight from the series of programs.
  2. Open the ‘about’ menu by right clicking on the Microsoft Silverlight icon.
  3. Ensure that the version must be 5.0 or higher. If the version in your system is outdated, then download the latest update from the Microsoft link.

If you are not able to install the Silverlight properly, then there might be problem in the setup file. Either file is corrupt or file is downloaded improperly. Click on the Fix button to resolve this issue automatically and follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login as administrator from the computer and shut down all the explorer windows currently opened in your computer.
  2. Right click on internet explorer from the program list and click on ‘Run as an Administrator’.
  1.  Click ‘ok’ to confirm.
  2. Now check the free Netflix and try playing media through Silverlight.

To adjust the time and date if needed, go through the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click on the clock given at the right bottom corner of screen.
  2. Change date and time.
  3. Set the correct time zone and format, then click ok.
  4. Open Netflix com page and check if issue is resolved or not.

If you want to switch on the InPrivate browsing just to fix the issue, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the browser and click on ‘safety’ option.
  2. Turn on InPrivate browsing and open the new tab in window explorer.
  3. Press ctrl+ shift+ p together.
  4. Now check if the problem of www Netflix com is solved or not.

Occasionally, adding the Netflix com login to the trusted sites may solve the streaming issues. To get rid of this problem, follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  1. Click on Tools under internet explorer window and get into internet options.
  2. Select the security menu.
  3. Tap on trusted sites and clear the data related to Netflix from the field.
  4. Unmark require server verification box.
  5. Enter the address in the safe zone box.
  6. Click on Add.
  7. Test the Netflix app again with the Silverlight.

The Application storage must be enabled to play the media contents with Silverlight. To turn on application storage, follow the steps:

  1. Open the search box from the start menu and enter Silverlight.
  2. Open the program from the database.
  3. Tick mark on the Application storage box to turn on the tab.
  4. Check the Netflix now and try streaming media through Silverlight.

Delete all the temporary files related to Silverlight from the window vista or 7 through following steps.

  1. Close all the opened explorer windows.
  2. Open the drives from ‘My computer’.
  3. Click on C: drive and open the Application data folder from the user files.
  4. Open the local data folder.
  5. Select the Microsoft>Silverlight> delete temporary files.
  6. Now go to www Netflix com activate page to check if the issue is resolved or not.