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How To Troubleshoot Roku 3 With No Power At All?

Have you bought a Roku player recently? How was your experience? Well, if you are a normal user, then Roku would have given you an unforgettable entertaining experience. But, I would like to mention that there are many users who bought Roku players with the same motive, but were not able to watch anything.

You want to know why? Well, it is because there is no power in their Roku player. Many people have recently complained about the non-working state of their Roku players. The amount of complaints are not that much when compared to the praises and good feedbacks of the Roku players. But, the problem is certainly there and no one can deny it. So, what is it that is creating this nuisance issue in the Roku player? Well, let us find it out along with the possible solutions to fix the issue.

Roku 3 is not getting plugged in

If you are not able to plug your Roku 3 into the main power supply, then you need to check whether the power outlet is working properly or not. When you plug the device into the main power outlet, you are supposed to see a light, which is called as the status light. When Roku 3 is powering on, then the LED will flash slowly, but when it is on, then it will glow permanently. Sometimes, the issue of Roku not being able to start lies in the wall power outlet, so you need to check the wall outlet that you are using. I don’t know if you have tried plugging your device in another wall power outlet, so if you have not done it, then just try it. Maybe your problem can be resolved in two seconds.

Dead power adapter

The problem could be your power adapter as well. You need to check whether the power adapter is dead or not. If it is, then you have to replace the power adapter by removing it from the wall outlet and from the Roku player as well. If you have purchased Roku recently, then you can get the power adapter replaced or repaired. You need to bring the adapter back to the official Roku store with the invoice and all the faulty parts of your Roku device will be replaced (if they are in warranty). If the warranty period is over, then you have no other option, but to buy a new one. You can easily buy a new power adapter from any store. The main thing for you is to get your entertainment back, so if a stupid power adapter is creating problems for you, then you must get rid of it and buy a new one.

Also, there is a need to check if your Roku update is proper or not. If your Roku is not updated, then the problems may further arise for you. There are certain error codes, which I want you to keep in mind, as they can really make things worse for you after you overcome the plugging in issue. These errors are, Roku Error code 001, 003.

Another problem that is getting way too common in the Roku devices is the one related to the Roku remote. If your Roku remote not working, then you can’t change the channel, use the play, pause, stop, rewind and volume options. Having a smart device like Roku is of no use if the remote is not in a working state.

Then, there is a new problem that has been engulfing Roku devices, which is related to Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled. This is a complicated issue for which you will need the help of a technical support provider. By the way, you can take the help of a Roku support for all the above-mentioned issues.