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How To Save Data On Hulu By Selecting The Right Streaming Quality?

Is streaming videos on Hulu causing data to disappear quickly? Well, you need to pay attention to the following tips in order to save data while watching your favorite content on Hulu.


Gone are the days when cellular carriers used to provide a limited amount of data at a high price. Now, almost every carrier provides unlimited data, plus customers have the option of streaming things over Wi-Fi network, so there is no shortage of options for the users when it comes to accessing the internet. But, that doesn’t mean that you can stream as much data as you like.

Moreover, when it comes to unlimited data plans that are provided by cellular carriers, then there is always a cap, so if you use the internet beyond a certain limit, then your speed will be reduced to such a level that you can only browse web pages and not stream videos. So, what is it that can be done to stream as much as we want.

If you are a Hulu fan, and always watch content on Hulu, then you will have to learn how to manage video quality so as to avoid getting hefty data bills slapped in your face every month. Today, we will learn about how to conserve data while streaming Hulu.


Adjusting Video Quality on Android

When you watch a certain video on Hulu, there is an option on the side or at the bottom to change the video quality. So, you can change the quality as per your comfort level and your data requirements. There are four options that you are going to see:

  1. Auto: The video quality will be automatically selected as per the signal strength. If you have no data issues, then you can keep the video quality setting to auto.
  2. Low: If you are left with hardly any data, then change the video quality to low, and the video will be played in the lowest video quality.
  3. Medium: The video quality that you will get after choosing ‘medium’ could be 360p or 480p, which is Ok in my opinion.
  4. High: The video will be played in the highest resolution available. This is called HD streaming, and it can take up to 650 MB per hour as per certain reports. If you have an unlimited data plan or your available data is more than enough, then you can choose to play videos on ‘High’ quality.


Adjusting Video Quality in iOS

In terms of data management, Hulu hasn’t been that kind to Apple, so if you are using an Apple device that runs on iOS, then you have lesser options to manipulate video quality. You can find those options by tapping the display when the video is being streamed in the Hulu app. Tap gear icon that is given in the bottom-left corner of the display and you will get the following options:

  1. Auto: This feature works in the same way as in Android devices. The video quality is selected automatically.
  2. SD: The video will be played in standard definition, which is not a bad quality. Moreover, the video plays without any interruption if you are using a good data plan. A video playing in SD will ensure that the data isn’t consumed heavily.


Disable Playback over Cellular

A special feature in Apple is that it allows users to disable cellular playback in Hulu account altogether. For that, you need to go to ‘settings then ‘Hulu’ and toggle the switch given right next to ‘Cellular data’ to disable it. Doing this will bar the Hulu app from streaming videos when you are connected to the internet via the cellular network. You’d be able to stream videos over Wi-Fi network.

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