How To Get Rid Of Video Playback Issues Of HBO GO Channel On Roku Media Streaming Player?

HBO GO Activate

We require media streaming player to play content from different channels like Hulu, HBO Go, and Netflix on the TV screen. There is a number of media streaming players available online. Some of them are Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. You can use any player which support a maximum number of channels. Here we are talking about Roku player. You can enjoy HBO Go on this player after activating it from HBOGO com activate link.

However, there will be times when you come across with video playback issue on your Roku player. This can happen due to one or more reason. Maybe there is some problem with the  service or there is some problem in internet connection. Most of the times, this problem occurs due to poor connectivity of the network. If you are watching 4K videos from HBO channel on your device, then you require a minimum of 13 Mbps speed of the network. First of all, you must activate your device on ‘HBO GO activate device’ link.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps to ameliorate the performance of your network. You must try all the steps which are mentioned in this guide.

If you find any problem in streaming the content even after activating the channel from HBO activate link, then call us at our support number.

  1. Check the speed of the network: The very first and the foremost step to troubleshoot the playback problem is; check the speed of the network by getting onto speed test link from the browser. You need to open the speed test webpage from the browser and click on ‘Start’. Your internet downloading and uploading speed will be displayed after some time. You can analyze and compare the speed with the subscribed package. If you find any mismatch, then call your internet service provider. If speed is OK, then get help for your HBO channel from HBO Go help
  2. Restart all the devices: In this step, you have to restart all the devices by first turning them off then turn them on again after a gap of 30 seconds. Check if this step has resolved the problem or not. If not then go to next step or call at HBO support
  3. Try the additional tips: Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are some additional tips which you can try at your own end. These include; Uninstalling the channel and re-install them from the authorized store. Activate your channel again by clicking on HBO GO activate link in case of HBO channel. If you are facing problem in installing the app on your Roku app, then you can contact us at our support number.
  4. Use of Ethernet cable: Another step to improve the performance of your internet connection is by using the Ethernet cable in place of the wireless network. You can connect your Ethernet cable to the device through the following steps:

Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Network’.

Select ‘Wired network’.

Press ‘OK’.

In this way, you will be connected to the Ethernet-based network. If you find any problem, contact us to get immediate support.

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