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How To Get Rid Of Hulu App Crash Down Problem On Kindle Fire Tablet?

Kindle fire tablet is not just an E-reader but a home for millions of apps which you can enjoy on it. You can enjoy gaming, play videos and listen to music through Kindle supported apps. Hulu app is one of the apps from which you can watch a number of high-quality episodes and serials on your kindle fire tablet with the help of high-speed internet connection.

The major requirements to enjoy seamless contents on your Kindle through Hulu app are; a high-speed internet access and app activated on Hulu link. If you are fulfilling the criteria, then you can watch contents through your Kindle without any problem. Unfortunately, there are some users who are getting app problem on their Kindle device. They have complained that their Hulu app keeps on crashing when they try to open it on their Kindle. This problem is reported mainly by Kindle 3rd generation users. If you are also the victim of the same problem, then you need to read this guide carefully.

First of all, you need to check the below-mentioned points before troubleshooting the main problem:

  • Check whether the device is properly connected to the network or not. This is one of the most important points that you need to check before starting playing the contents through Hulu app. Before connecting to page, you need to connect to home Wi-Fi network.
  • Check the payment method. It needs to be verified otherwise, you won’t be able to make any purchases from the Hulu plus app. You can purchase the contents from Hulu app only after the payment method is verified. You can check the payment method by clicking on ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Payment’ section.
  • Check parental controls. It must be turned off. If you want to watch restricted contents, then parental control must be disabled. To change the settings, go to flag menu and open the parental control section. Swipe to turn it off.
  • Sync the device: To sync the device, Open the flag menu and over to ‘Settings’. Open ‘Sync and check now’ menu. This will start sync your device and if prompted, then download the latest updates for your device. Click on ‘Hulu activate’ link.

Steps for troubleshooting the app problem:

  1. Check the order status: Check the status of contents which you have ordered online from the official Hulu app store. You can check this by getting into ‘Hulu manage devices’ section.
  2. Stop the Hulu app: If required, then force stop the Hulu app. You can do this by tapping on settings, then go to manage apps. Search for Hulu app inside the menu and click to open it. Click on ‘Force stop’ option.
  3. If you have downloaded the app from third party sources, then it is advisable to download it again. To download the app again, first, remove the existing app from the device by long pressing on Hulu app. You will find uninstall option on the screen. Click to uninstall it.  Now go to official app store and download the app after finding it. You need to enter ‘Hulu code’ again in the new Hulu app.
  4. If required then repurchase the contents from the Hulu official page. You can go to Hulu com slash activate page if you find any problem with your Hulu activation on Kindle device.
  5. Restart the Kindle fire tablet: This is the last resort to your problem. If the Hulu app is still not opening or keeps on crashing, then you need to restart the Kindle device.