How To Get Hulu Live TV In The Main App For Android And iOS?

Hulu is second most see internet streaming service across the world. It has made a quick name for itself on the streaming media scene. Earlier when Hulu used to provide free content but now it has a small subscription fee for the cheapest service they provide. Hulu is also a pioneer in live TV be it sports or politics. Users can use Hulu by downloading the app on their smart phone or smart devices, signing up and then passing the Activate screen.

Hulu and the refreshed design

Hulu, though it provides its app for various smart devices, is also an inbuilt feature in most of the devices. Just like Netflix, Hulu too comes preinstalled in these devices and hence has a lot of features which other service providers do not have. Hulu makes use of data plans to run its streaming media. It also comes preinstalled in the likes of TiVo. After signing up for the services  is the only step users need to do to enjoy it. Hulu, however, has changed a lot since its inception. It is evident from the change in packages which it provides.

The base package which Hulu used to provide was a free tier. It had plenty of shows and movies to watch. This tier was ad supported and was the primary way to gather subscribers. After this tier, used to come which had no ads and access to premium content. However, free tier users could not watch previous seasons but could only watch what was currently on TV. Now, the free tier is converted into a paid tier. It has less amount of ads and users can watch previous seasons too but the free tier is taken away.

Hulu has also refreshed itself in terms of services which it provides. While the likes of Netflix feed on their originals and movies, Hulu has stepped into live TV. Till now, users could watch live TV only on cable but with Hulu for Live TV app, users can watch Live TV by just using a Hulu AccountThis service was majorly used in most popular live events such as NBA season passes and golf season passes. This feature of Hulu has gathered a lot of audiences and hence the latest overhaul has also affected this service.

Major changes in the Hulu for Live TV app

Major changes in this app are related to the integration of Live TV app with Hulu app. With a single Sign In in a single app, users can see Live TV and can use regular Hulu at the same time. no more switching between apps and certainly it will take less space. Since it is a big change, it certainly has pissed off some users but it is surely a good step. The app will take less space than both apps installed. Switching from regular content to live content is also seamless and certainly is easier. Hulu Manage Devices is also easier since earlier this step was needed to be done in both apps individually.

Adding icing to the cake, there is also a visual overhaul of the app. One of the biggest changes which we can see after Hulu Activation Code is been put is the colour scheme. Sea blue with a tint of green has been introduced in the app. It certainly is a big physical overhaul. The interface has also been ramped up is done for the first time. Now, Hulu for Live TV app just shows a splash screen and then it takes users to the updated Hulu app. It is soon rolling out for iOS based devices.