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How To Fix The Netflix Streaming Issues On Chromecast Device?

Sometimes you may come across the certain issues in your Chromecast device, while playing Netflix contents through it. Today, we are going to discuss the common problems of Netflix streaming that are reported in Chromecast com setup. We will take up the two most prevailing issues today in this blog post. These are discussed here as under:


  • Ensure that you are using the latest version of Firmware in your iOS or android based Smartphone: If you want to watch the contents on your iPhone or any other apple device with the help of Netflix app, then iOS 8 or greater than it is mandatory, otherwise you will not able to stream the contents from Netflix app. If you are using an android based smartphone, then version 4.0 or higher is required.
  • Chromecast and mobile device must be attached on same Wi-Fi network:Chromecast device will not cast the contents unless and until it is connected on the same Wi-Fi network on which your smartphone is connected because this connection act as an interface between the two. You can take Chromecast support from the official www Chromecast com website even.
  • You must ensure that cast extension is installed on your Google chrome browser: In order to watch the videos and pictures from your laptop, you must have Google Chromecast extension installed in your chrome browser that Support Chromecastdevice for streaming web contents.
  • Special characters must be omitted from the Chromecast name: All the special characters like commas, apostrophe and hashtag must be omitted from the Chromecast name that blocks Netflix app from being watching. Change the name of character immediately and try to launch app again to check if cast icon is available or not.
  • Netflix Application should be up to date: To check the current update or install it in your device, you can go to mobile store from where you have downloaded the app and check for latest updates from there. If any update will be available, then it will be notify to you. Moreover, important thing to discuss here is that if you have connected android based mobile then the Netflix version should be higher than or equal to 2.4 and for apple devices this is 4.2 or higher.
  • Do you able to see cast icon for other apps other than Netflix app? If you are able to see the cast icon for other apps, then simply turn off the smart device for 15 seconds then turn it on again. Try playing contents through cast icon again, otherwise set up Chromecast again in your connected device.
  • Error message displayed while log in, prompting you to update Netflix app: When you get this error on your screen, then perform the following steps to troubleshoot this problem.
  • Check if Netflix app is updated or not? This error mainly occur when you download the Netflix app from third party app store other than particular app store. In such case, your Chromecast does not support the Netflix app and you will not able to watch the contents seamlessly.
  • Confirm that latest version of OS is installed in mobile device: If you find this error on the screen even after downloading and installing the latest OS software, then it means that your smart device is not consistent with Chromecast media streaming player. For more information about compatibility and support, go to Chromecast help page from the main link.