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How to fix the HDCP unauthorized message on your Roku?

The ultimate service and features of the streaming device have marked its presence in the market as one of the best streaming devices in the market. With this kind of fine services and features, the streaming device is still gaining new users in its entertaining shelter. With the immense users, the streaming device has provided the decent services. But, there are some unwanted errors like Roku error code 011, Roku remote not working are the errors which hinder the problem of getting the entertainment without any issue.

Apart from this, when you stream your favorite content, there are many complaints that the users get the “HDCP unauthorized error” which states your Roku smart tv as the “HDCP unauthorized Roku”. Well, there may be many users who know the importance of HDCP in your Roku tv, as HDCP is a standard which is needed to protect the digital video and audio content on an HDMI cable set up. The problem actually gets started when your AVR or TV doesn’t support HDCP and when you try out to play any video or audio, you encounter the purple screen. The issue also holds other reasons like a faulty HDMI connector or HDMI cable. With this kind of issue, it becomes quite difficult to overcome from this problem, as you don’t get on the spot solutions. This is the reason we are here to counter the issue with possible solutions.

To counter the “HDCP unauthorized. Content Disabled” problem, try out these possible solutions:

  1. First thing, if you are a new user to set up your Roku player with the 4K ultra-HD streaming, then it is advisable to you to navigate to Roku com for the setup instructions. This may be counter the purple screen problem.
  2. Now, head to your Roku player and your AVR or TV to detach every end of the HDMI cable.
  3. Head to power off your Roku player and your Tv to cut the power supplies of these respective devices.
  4. Simply, reconnect both the ends of the HDMI cable and push them rigidly. Do it properly, to make it sure that it won’t get loose further.
  5. Now, head to reconnect your Roku player and your tv with their respective power supplies. After reconnecting them, switch on their power to see the result.
  6. Head to the video again and see whether the problem persists or not.

If you still face the issue, you can head for the added suggestions:

You can try out other HDMI input on your tv. It may help you out to counter the issue.

  1. You can also try out using a different HDMI cable (which should be less than 6 feet, if it is available). Using this kind of cable is just to make sure that the cable you are using does not have any kind of defects.
  2. If you are accessing an AVR or HDMI switch, then try linking the Roku player directly to the tv.
  3. Check out another tv, if it is possible for you to try out.
  4. And if you are accessing a computer monitor, then try to access the tv, if it is possible for you to go for it.
  5. Check different display settings on your Roku player. You can find the different devices under the section of “Device types”.
  6. After the setup of your Roku player, ensure that the AVR or Tv supports HDCP. If you counter this HDCP issue for the first time, then you can navigate to www support roku com to get the better assistance and services.