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How To Fix A Roku 4 If It Won’t Start After ‘Auto Power Off ’?

Roku is a streaming device that provides you the way to watch or stream the entertainment channels to your Big screen TV. It provides you more channels than any other streaming device. It’s fairly easy and simple to setup your Roku player. It fetches the contents from the internet and play it on your HDTV. Roku is available in five models that is differentiated on the basis of features and performance. You can access more than 2600 channel online and play the contents of your choice from these channels.

Some if its important features include:

  1. Full 1080p support.

2. Easy shortcut buttons on remote for direct accessing of channels like Hulu, Netflix etc.

3. Easy to search across different content provider.

4. Mobile app for casting mobile contents to the TV.

5. Ability to use app even at hotels or Wi-Fi enabled rooms.

6. Screen mirroring facilities for window browser and android gadgets.

7. Faster loading of video contents.

To complete your setup, go to Roku player online page from your computer and connect your Roku with the network. There you will find Roku link code that you need to enter on the link and submit for completing the process.

There is another feature named ‘auto power off’ in your Roku device, which will let you to conserve your power energy when your Roku is not in use. There are some Roku users who have found out the problem in using this. Their Roku devices won’t able to start itself after auto power off. We will help them in fixing this issue though this article. We will discuss about it completely.

How to fix:

  1. Roku 4 becomes too hot even when it is not in use, so it is better to switch it off. It would be safer for Roku device and conserves the energy too.

2. To turn on this feature, you have to switch on the ‘auto turn off ‘settings from your Roku device via remote. This settings will turn off your Roku device after 30 minutes, if you are not using it or is in idle state.

3. This is splendid update from Roku developers but it goes faulty with Roku4 as it would not start once shutdown. Nevertheless, Roku4 has no ON/OFF button so the only method to switch on the device again is by unplugging the supply cord from Roku and plug it again at once. This will switch on your Roku device again.

But there is more easy way to fix this issue rather than performing the former steps. Just update your system with latest version firmware. The steps to perform update are given below.

  1. Navigate to Roku.

2. Then to system update.

3. Update the system and install the update. This might take several minutes depending upon the speed of your network.

4. Once you completed the installation, restart the device.

5. You will now able to start back your Roku via remote after each time it shutdown to conserve energy. There’s no particular key on the remote for start up again. You can press any key.

If you want Roku technical support during updating or installation then you can go to Www Roku com link from your computer. You will able to find out the exact time taken by the Roku for shutdown in its idle state and other relevant information regarding your product.

In order to take a support from the Roku over the telephone you must have to follow Roku com linkThen you have to enter Roku com link activation code that appears on your TV screen. This code will link you to your Roku account. If you already have account then this link code will be available in your inbox otherwise you can enter this code by seeing from the screen of TV.