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How To Eliminate Black Bars While Watching Netflix Movies?

Watching movies and TV shows on Netflix is great fun, but have you seen those black bars appearing on the borders while a video is played on Netflix? Do you want to get rid of this problem? I’m sure you do, then you can eradicate this problem by following below mentioned steps.

Seeing those black bars while watching movies and TV shows on Netflix is definitely annoying, but most people don’t know if they could get rid of those black bars or not. Some people believe that the problem can be solved by changing the aspect ratio to 21:9 VDUs, but many have already done that and got no success.

The problem remains persistent and not to forget, annoying. Black bars appear on all corners of the screen, which irk the eyes of the viewers basically. The reason why people see black bars is due to the encoding that is done on Netflix movies and TV shows. Netflix movies and TV shows are encoded with 16:9 aspect ratio that gives rise to black borders, and people think as if those black borders are also encoded in the video streams.

Here is how you can fix those black bars in the simplest of the ways:

  1. Fixing black bars with Windows tablet mode

  • You need to switch to Windows tablet mode in order to see the black bars that you see when watching your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows. So, the first thing that you need to do is pause the movie’s playback.
  • On your PC, you can press ‘Windows key + A hotkey’. Doing this will open the sidebar, where you will find ‘tablet mode’ button. So, press that button.
  • Go back to the screen where the movie was being played. There will be zoom screen button given at the bottom right corner of the screen. Pressing that button will expand the screen, as a result of which, the black borders are automatically eliminated.
  • Now, press ‘Windows + A key’ followed by pressing ‘tablet mode’ button. This will exit the tablet mode, and now, you can play your favorite Netflix movie.

These above-mentioned steps are not going to work with multiple VDUs, as you can’t use ‘tablet mode’ option. In case you use multiple monitors, then you can choose a certain display and make all the desired changes to it.

  1. Add an extension to Google Chrome, i.e., ‘Ultra-wide Display Aspect Ratio For Netflix’.

If you are accessing Netflix on your Google Chrome web browser, then there is an extension that you can add by the name of ‘Ultra-wide Display Aspect Ratio For Netflix’. With this, the black bars that you see while watching movies and TV shows are going to be eliminated.

  1. Add one more extension by the name of ‘Ultra-wide Video’ on your Google Chrome web browser.

You can add this particular extension as well, as this will Netflix help eliminate the black bars that appear when you enjoy your favorite videos online, which are played on Ultra-wide VDUs.

  1. Add Black Bars Begone to Chrome web browser

You can add this extension as well, which will help you remove black bars from all the movies and TV shows that you watch on Netflix via VDU with 21:9 aspect ratios.

Now, you will be able to play your favorite videos without seeing those annoying black bars.

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