How To Deal With The Situation When The Roku Box Is Not Turning On?

Roku Not Connecting

Sometimes the Roku boxes do not power On, and the people think that their box is damaged, but in fact, it’s not the only reason behind this because many times it might be due to the loose power wire, broken cable, etc. So if you also face the same problem then go through the following steps to get you box working.

www Roku Com LinkPeople frequently face the problem of Roku box not powering up due to which the power light in front of their box is not Lit up. This situation might arise with both old and new users of Roku. The New users might face this issue if they have not made the connections correctly according to the installation kit or if they are using another USB wire to connect the Roku Tv box instead with using the power adaptor that came with the self-installation kit. It is because some Roku Boxes don not receive power without this power adaptor. The old users might not be able to power on the box due to the use of torn wire for electricity source or loose connection at the ports of the connecting cable.

Go through the following troubleshooting steps for the particular situation you face while the Roku box is not powering on:

  1. If the power light in front of your box is on, but you are not able to view anything on the screen then go through the following steps:
  • Make sure you are at the right input source so check the input connections for audio and video ports. The video port might be labeled as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Video in, etc.
  • Press the Button for input or source from your remote. It might go through the inputs and show you the image, or it might show you a menu to select the right input and press the enter button.
  • Make sure the video cable is tightly connecting to the box and T.V.
  1. If you find the Red light in front of your box, then touch the box to see if it has heated up. If yes then you should unplug the device at let it rest to cool down its temperature and place it in a cool environment. Wait for the instrument to come down to a normal temperature. Generally, it takes 10-15 minutes to become normal. Try to restart the box after it cools down and try to use if it works else you can get help for Roku Not Connecting from the Roku experts.
  2. Roku Com LinkIf the Red light is on in front of your box and you are getting a low power message on the T.V screen, then it indicates that the Roku box is not receiving adequate electricity. So, in this case, you should check the amount of voltage and tighten the power cord to ensure the proper supply of power.
  3. It there is no light on the box then ensure that you are using the original power adapter that came with the self-installation kit. Else, if you are using another wire, then immediately replace it with that power adaptor. Make sure the box is tightly connecting to the wall outlet. Ensure that the power adaptor is not torn out from anywhere and the Box is receiving enough power supply to power “On.”

Performing these checks and troubleshooting might help you in resolving the issue, but in case the Roku box still doesn’t turn “On” then you need to replace it with the new box from any of the local Roku stores. In case your box powers On but you find any other problem with the Roku then visit www Roku Com Support for more troubleshooting steps.